I remember!

I remember what I wanted to say yesterday. Sylvain is getting closer and closer to crawling. He’s really good at holding himself up by his arms and yesterday he was bending his legs and resting on his knees as well. Of course only for short periods of time, but there you have it.

So I didn’t really do much  today. The most productive thing I did was put the approximate distance in km and the approximate amount of time it would take to get from Wasseiges to the different towns in Belgium that are on my list of places to visit.

Bastien was really cute a little while ago. He has this play sword that they bought him when we went to Waterloo and he started wrapping his rope around his waist to hold the sword. So he was walking around with his sword tucked in his rope-belt. He had it on him when he went out with Adeline to feed the chickens. I’m sure he needed it. Those things can get vicious. when they want food! I got sort of bit twice the other day. I say sort of because I’m pretty sure it was a beak and it just sort of grazed my hand. But I’m not afraid. I have the power to grab their legs and hold them upside down, show them whose boss! I won’t be cruel, don’t worry. 😀

Bastien’s potty training has commenced in earnest. We are very proud of him; he got through the day with no accidents! Of course when he said he had to go it was with great haste that they took him to the bathroom to avoid an accident.

Tonight for supper we had mashed celery. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ve never had celery root before, only the stalks. The root was cut up, cooked, and then pureed until it closely resembled mashed potatoes. Enough so that my mind played tricks on me. Every time I went to take a bite I briefly thought I was eating spuds before my taste buds reminded me I wasn’t.

Today Sylvain ate Adeline’s homemade apple sauce very well. He actually opened his mouth! Not every time, but enough that feeding him felt like a success. We were proud. Both boys made us proud. Today was a good day.

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