Tonight we made a big omelet for supper. This wasn’t just any old omelet, this omelet was made (partially) with home-grown eggs. This last week we got 4 eggs from the chickens out in the garden. They were a lot smaller than the one’s from the store, but still, home-grown eggs!

Sylvain is hilarious when he laughs a lot. Wednesday we watched Tangled (in French of course) with Bastien. During the end credits there was a really upbeat song and Adeline had Sylvain on her lap and was bouncing/dancing him around to the music. He had ball! He loved it and was laughing like crazy. This evening, after changing his diaper, I kind of hopped down the stairs with him and he just lit up. Adeline had him going pretty good in the kitchen. I have to say, babies laughs are very therapeutic. Good for the soul.

This afternoon I laid down, to ‘rest my eyes’, but I actually fell asleep for a while. We just watched a few Glee episodes and had a Mango/Strawberry/Orange juice smoothy and I feel like I could stay up later. I do sort of have a headache, but then again, it’s after midnight here so….

I think that’s all for today.

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