Sometimes dried boogers require surgical tools for removal

Poor Sylvain. He’s still got his cold so of course he occasionally has a really snotty nose. Let me just say, he has really powerful sneezes. You don’t want to be in the line of fire for one of those. Well, this evening when I was getting him ready for his bath, I noticed that he had some dried boogers in his nose. The one side came out relatively easy, but the right side…that was hard. It didn’t help that he was fighting me by trying to contort his body to look like a Twizzler. I was victorious, and the monster booger is now in the trash. I win! And Sylvain is clean.

This morning was a little more hectic than usual. Greg had to take his car to the garage for 8:15, so he left at 8. Adeline left soon after with Bastien and I was right behind with Sylvain. After dropping Sylvain off I went into Hannut to pick up Greg. I watched Heroes and wrote out my list of touristy activities to do in Belgium. It’s almost finished. I took him to get his car around 1:20 and he continued on to work. I came back home after that, and by 3:30 went to pick up Bastien, and then Sylvain.

This morning Adeline had a tooth removed, so she’s in a bit of pain now. I’ve never had a tooth removed so I don’t know what it’s like…I’ve had braces for  6 months and I had “surgery” on my gums, but no teeth removed. I think it was a wisdom tooth…I don’t even have those. Anyway, so I helped with dinner. Adeline peeled the potatoes and carrots while I cut them up and then mashed them together when they were cooked. They turned out pretty good.

After dinner came bath time, but you already know about that. So that was my day. Man, I really need to get more pictures up on Facebook! Maybe I should spend some time tomorrow doing that. I still have most of my Switzerland pictures to post! I am really slow at this. Please forgive me :D. Have a good night!

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