Sometimes Bastien hits his fists against his head repeatedly while chewing. This – for some reason – made me think of Tarzan. Hence the title. My thoughts are never really completely random, they can all be traced somewhere.

This morning Greg left early so I drove Sylvain to Cathrine’s. I came home, had a shower, finished the first season of Heroes, had lunch and then went to Sybille’s house. I had to make a photo copy of my identity card and give it to her to give to the insurance company. After taking care of that I went to the mall….but somewhere on the way I got mixed up so it took me longer to get there than it should have. You see, I walked from her house. I guess you could say I got lost (I think I ended up in the academic area…), but that’s the best way to learn about your surroundings! Eventually I say signs that led me to where I wanted to go and I started to recognize where I was. On the way back I went the way I had intended to come and all was well. Just as I was coming to the street where my car was parked it started to rain. Not heavy, just a drizzle, but the just before I got to my ar it came down a bit harder. It was a nice rain though, you know that kind where the sun is still out so it doesn’t look like it should be raining?

So that’s basically my day. I already have 2.5L of water packed up and ready to go for my walk tomorrow. This time I’m going to go in the direction of Bastien’s school. It’s the direction I drove today (and have driven many times), but I’ve never walked it. I’m excited about my mental map that I’ve been building of all the side roads that connect the surrounding towns. When Mom, Dad, and Lisa come I’ll be able to direct that pretty well around here…and father away depending on where they want to go ;).

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