The Lake of Louvain-la-Neuve

Happy Mother’s Day! Adeline opened her gift from Bastien this morning. It’s a bored with two ribbons wrapped around it to hold pictures, along with a picture of Bastien taken at school. Later in the morning we went to Louvain-la-Neuve for a barbecue at Sybille’s. Before lunch Adeline, Bastien, Sylvain, and I went for a walk to and around the Lake of Louvain-la-Neuve. The real thing this time. I believe I changed it, but a few weeks ago we went for a hike and we walked past this pond which I thought was the Lake of L-L-N. Today was the real deal. The path around it is really nice for walking, jogging, biking. In fact, we passed this one woman about 4 times…or rather she passed us. She was jogging so she made more headway than us.

This lake is man-made, and the rain water from the city goes into it. You can fish, but no swimming. There are lots of ducks and some swans on this lake…all are wild. I’m not sure exactly which year, but at one point they emptied the entire lake because it was really dirty. It was left empty for a year and now that it’s full again it looks great. I’m sure there was more about it that Adeline told me, but it’s really late. I was Skyping with my parents, that’s why this post is so late.

Today Sybille was getting her sound system set up to be controlled from her iPad. It’s pretty neat, her music plays our of all of her speakers (TV included) and the volume and song selection can be changed from anywhere…at least on the main floor that I know of. The barbecue was nice. Nice and hot! I think it got up to 27 today and that sun was strong. The way back from the lake was tough because we had to up hill for quite a bit of it. And with that sun and the strollers….It was nice though, I’m not complaining! Greg told me that normally this time of year is more rainy, that it’s not usually summer weather this early. Guess I lucked out!

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