Lights out!

So just a little while ago the power randomly went off. I was just sitting here at my desk when all of a sudden my light went off, but my computer was still running. Then I realized, oh, the battery! Duh. It was the house, the bank, the street lights. Lots of stuff. After a few minutes it came back on. That was my adventure of the day.

I tried to feed Sylvain his carrot mush again today, and it was really hard. Of course, he’s just learning how to eat like that, so he doesn’t really open his mouth.

All the kids at school made Mother’s Day gifts and Bastien’s level had lady bugs on their paper. Well, it’s just brown paper with painted lady bugs. It’s cute though. And the tag said mama and has a picture of Bastien on it. We’ll just have to wait until Sunday to see what it is!

Of course he wanted a pudding for snack today, but I still asked if he wanted an apple. When he said he did I told he him he had to eat it all if he wanted his pudding. And he did. It didn’t take him that long either, sometimes it does.

After supper Greg and Bastien went outside for a bit. Now, Bastien had already had his bath and was in his pj’s, but he went out anyway. They played on the swings for a bit and he sounded like he was having a blast. They almost need two little red swings; both boys really enjoy it.

Here’s something I can’t believe I forgot to mention. We almost burned the house down yesterday! Adeline and I were making dinner (well, I won’t lie, more Adeline than me…I set the table :P) and she had a pot on the stove top. It was heating up, but I guess it was hotter than she thought because when she put the oil in within 2 seconds or less flames filled the entire pot! I better not have any fires to deal with because I just stood there like a dummy. Of course, afterward I thought of what I could have done. Well, she through a damp cloth over the pot to take away the oxygen and then took the post outside. There’s a nice burnt patch of grass from when she set it down. It was quite the thing. Thankfully nothing else caught on fire. Hmmm…are we sure our house burning down wasn’t somehow my fault?

Adeline noticed this and thought it was really cute. She asked Greg and I if we didn’t, but we hadn’t so it must have been Bastien.

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