This morning Bastien wore his Roots hoodie I brought for the first time and I didn’t even notice until Adeline pointed it out to me. I was going to get a picture when we got home, but I didn’t and then he went out to play and it was too warm with the sweater. I’ll get one eventually.

So when Jean and I went to that cave in Dinant we picked up a couple of Tourism books. There’s a website,, 365 Discovery Days and this book has all the activities in it that are listed on the website. I had actually visited that website briefly before I picked up the book. So I’ve going through looking for things that I’m interested in doing. Once I’m done going through the entire thing I’m going to write out a list and start going to see more places. While looking through this I’ve realized that I have very little interest in art. Visual art. Art museums that is. I’ve been to at least one on one of the many school trips I’ve taken, and it was cool, but it’s not on the top of my list. I don’t know why because I love beautiful paintings…I can appreciate the beauty. Now, a historical museum on the other hand, that is cool. I remember when I went to Ottawa for the grade 10 history trip and we went to this really awesome museum of history…Dinosaurs aside (not that interested in those), it was really cool. Maybe because usually there are models and mannequins and it’s more 3D, I don’t know :D.

Bastien was really tired today. He played outside for a bit, came in and had a snack (well, part of it anyway) and then he wanted to go to bed. That was around 4:50-5 or so. We got him up around 6:15 so he would be up for supper, and after eating just a little bit he wanted to go to bed again. Usually when he naps late like that he’s up longer, but today he was back upstairs by 7. He didn’t even want to play. Adeline had called him to wake him up and I went upstairs to get something for Sylvain. I saw he was awake, but just sitting in his bed. He didn’t want to go downstairs. He didn’t want to play or anything. When I started to leave he made this noise kind of in between a whine and a cry. I asked him what was wrong and he didn’t want me to go downstairs. I said ‘well, what can I do?’. He told me nothing because he wanted to do nothing. So we both just sat there for a few minutes and finally he said he wanted his bottle, but I told him to get that he had to go downstairs. No, he wanted it in bed. Finally he went down without too much fuss, but I had to wait until he was down all the way before I could come. At least that was better than at first. At first he said I had to stay up there! I have to remember I can’t let him boss me around, no matter what.

Sylvain slept a lot today as well. I think he’s on the mend, but he’s staying home again tomorrow. Talk about runny nose today! But that’s a good thing because it means everything’s coming out. Of course he hates getting his nose wiped (which now that I think of it I believe I’ve previously mentioned that) and makes it really difficult by moving his head every which way. But I always win, muwahahahahaha! Don’t worry, I play nice.

Ta, ta for now!

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