An off day

Sometimes I have days where I don’t like to talk. I can just picture all of you sitting here reading this thinking ‘Holly, not wanting to talk? That’s craziness right there’. Ha ha ha. Sometimes I just have a down day; we can’t all be bubbly fountains of optimism and enthusiasm all the time. Not that this describes me on a day-to-day basis, but I’ve been told I’m quite bubbly, so I’m going with it.

Sylvain is sick and not going to the babysitter’s, so today it was the two of us. Poor guy. He still seems happy, but he had a slight fever and of course there’s the constant drooling now combined with a runny nose. And he hates when you wipe his nose…although I would think he would be grateful; who wants goo running down their nose all day? I think this is quite common with babies and kids, no? Anyway, when I tried to feed him his carrot/potato mush it was quite the challenge. He just would not open his mouth! I finally gave up and made him a bottle. I’ll have to stick to my guns next time, no matter how long it takes. He’s still smiling though, so that’s good.

I’m also discovering that he just might be ticklish. Mostly just under his arms. Every time you get him dressed or put his pajamas on and you go near his armpits he starts laughing. So of course I do it on purpose because his laugh will make anyone smile. So far the bottom of his feet have no reaction. He’s lucky; I hate that I’m so very ticklish. If any of you use that against me when I get home I will be very upset. Very. 😛 Seriously though, I hate being tickled. It’s dangerous for you to try. I lose control of my limbs. Someone could lose an eye.

I heard that my Mom’s surprise Birthday party went well. Thanks to all who went, I know it meant a lot to her. Speaking of birthdays, today Clémence is 3. Happy Birthday Clémence!

In other, not-happy-at-all news, Sunday night our beloved dog Sarah passed away. If I would have checked my email yesterday I would have known then, but I didn’t check it until tonight. I knew that she was old and her time was coming, and I also knew that she was having periods of not eating, but I never really knew how I would react when she died. I cried. I cried enough that I had mascara all over my face and had to wash it off right away. Then I cried some more. Then I went out to tell Greg and Adeline (Adeline was upstairs, so I haven’t told her yet) and I cried some more. This led to Greg and I have a talk about a bunch of stuff from pets to politics. That reminds me…from some friend’s postings on Facebook it seems the Conservatives have won again with the NDP as the opposition. Now, for those of you who don’t know I am not all that interested or knowledgeable when it comes to politics. I know I should be, both of the above, but it’s hard for me. I know that I can’t complain about things though, since I didn’t vote (but I’m not in the country) and because I’m not informed. My lips are sealed.

So, not the greatest day with my mood and then news of Sarah, but we all have those days sometimes. She was a good dog, with us for 13 or 14 years (I don’t know exactly) and will be missed. I know I could have paid her more attention, but there were times (when I didn’t mind if I got dog hair on my clothes) when I would just lie down and hug her (this summer). She was always so nice, always wanted to be around everyone. I remember how she would want to petted so much that if she found someone who would start she would sit on their feet (while they were standing) just to make sure she was close enough for contact. And the way she was with cats! So adorable, like a mother with them. The would climb on her, ‘massage’ her, just be with her. It was great how they always got along. She was always so gentle, but fierce when needed (which wasn’t often). I remember how my Mom said she spent hours at the Farmer’s Market watching this littler of puppies looking for the one that was the most calm. I remember bits of that day; she called the house multiple times to talk to Dad. When she came home with this beautiful, fluffy, Golden Retriever puppy the first name Lisa and I thought of was Charlie. Charlie was the name of the first Golden Retriever (first dog actually) that we had as a family. We loved him so much, but he ran away and disappeared. Mom said we couldn’t name the puppy that because she was a girl. I’m not really sure where Sarah came from, but I think it suited her. I also remember when she was a puppy she got bit by a neighbour’s St. Bernard…she was a tough puppy. My Mom did bring her into that dog’s territory. All was well though, no lasting harm.

Part of my is glad I wasn’t home to see her at the end, but another part is sad I didn’t get to say goodbye. I think she meant more to me than I thought she did. Mom has been preparing me for this with emails, and we were expecting it to happen soon, before I left even, but it’s still hard. I love you Sarah!

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  1. me

     /  May 3, 2011

    nice write for sara and awsume pic saved to my computor xoxoxoxoxoxo see ya soon me

    • I only took two of her on Christmas, and I don’t know if I took any more. It’s actually crazy to see how old she looks. I knew she was old, but I forgot how white her fur was around her face. I can’t wait till you guys come. It’s not that I’m super homesick or anything, I’m just so excited to show you a bunch of things. Love you Dad ^_^.


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