Weekend with the boys.

Today Adeline and Greg left for the night to celebrate their anniversary. They left this afternoon and are coming back tomorrow around 4. When Bastien got up from his nap I took him and Sylvain to Sybille’s for a visit and supper. We stopped by Charles-Antoine and Anne-Catherine’s house and they got some pictures with Capucine (their daughter) and the boys. Sylvain is starting that stage where he wants to grab everything (including my nose…a lot) and he kept trying to grab Capucine’s head – which basically meant he was lightly scratching her. It was cute, but his nails need to be cut again, so we had to be careful. Bastien was really shy when we were there. He didn’t do or say much. After that we went to this big sandbox! There was another boy there so Bastien had someone to play with, but again, he didn’t play much.

Before supper we watched Peter and the Wolf. It was an animation with orchestra and a little bit of narration. It was funny watching Bastien’s reactions. He was reacting very well to the music. Once the cat came on and started hunting the bird up until the wolf caught the duck he had his hands on either side of his face and a sort of ‘oh no, what’s going to happen next’ expression on his face.

Greg’s almost finished the play house (I keep changing what I call it, sorry). All that’s left now is…actually, I think it’s just filling in the holes for the stairs (and maybe another railing, I don’t know) and I believe it’s finished. This morning he realized he needed two more holes for the stairs. He had to dig them out with a shovel because Adeline had already returned the monster drill we used for the other 10 holes. Bastien was playing on/in it and seemed really excited. He didn’t want to go down for his nap, he wanted to stay outside. I think he likes the slide too. He’s definitely going to want to play outside tomorrow. It turned out to be a really nice day today although they were calling for rain. We did have a little on our way home from Louvain-la-Nueve, and maybe we’ll have more tonight, but today was beautiful.

Despite some bumpy spots (Bastien didn’t want to take a bath, but he had to because he had played in sand), Bastien was good tonight. After his nap he wanted to play outside (and to be fair, he was told he could), and it was a little tough getting him to come inside so we could leave, but eventually he did. And when we got home I asked him if he wanted to help me put the chickens in their house he said yes, but he played in his play house instead. I told him he could play for as long as it took me to get them all inside. There were already two in there so it didn’t take that long. I said ok let’s go inside, and he responded with an ok and proceeded to climb the stairs again. He said that since it was still light out, it wasn’t night and he could still play. By this time is was almost 9pm, a late night. I actually didn’t have that much trouble getting him inside, he didn’t put up a fuss this time. He also didn’t put up too much of a fuss after his story (although, of course, he asked for another one), and once he was in bed I think he fell asleep pretty quick. After giving Sylvain a bath, feeding him, and putting him to bed, Bastien was out. Definitely tired tonight!

I’m following the rule of not feeding Sylvain after midnight. I guess if he eats around 10 or so he’s usually good, but if he ends up eating after midnight I think he wakes up a lot and is not very pleasant. So we’ll see how tonight goes. Hopefully it’ll be like in Switzerland and he’ll sleep all the way through for me. I’m sure to be up by 7am tomorrow, so I should probably go to bed! It’s almost 11 here. Night.

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