*insert Jeopardy them music here*

That’s me trying to think of a title. I am literally hearing that song in my head. Now you are too. 😛

I went for another walk today. This time I walked towards the post office and out of town. The next town I hit is called Merdorp. I walked into it and down a ways, then I can to a split in the road; I went right. Eventually I came to another split…continue on the road I was on, or circle around and come back to the first split. I went back and finished the circle. Once I was just coming up to the edge of town again, I turned left instead of going straight towards Wasseiges. The sign said Ambresin. Eventually I can to another intersection and was trying to decide which way I wanted to go when I realized I had been there before! Just never from that direction. I had come upon the road I took when I went with Adeline and the boys on my first walk out of town that took us through that muddy field road.

I really enjoy the fact that I’m able to make a mental map now of where I’ve been and can start to figure out where I might end up without actually seeing a map. I mean, I don’t really know yet, but I know which general direction certain towns are in so that helps. It’s easier having walked I think than driving. I mean, I am starting to recognize more and more from when I’m in a car, but I get to see more when I walk.

We didn’t play outside today because it was raining off and on and was quite cool. It was windy too. I guess that’s expected in the spring. ^_^ I think it’s good we got rain though, we needed it. Oh, and I definitely have the beginnings of a nice tan…on my arms anyway. I guess my face too. It’s so weird…for the last, oh I don’t know, a lot of years, I’ve spent more time inside than out in the summer. With working and then just being comfortable in a cool house I didn’t go outside much. My loss. At least I didn’t go out enough to get a nice tan. So to have at least a little bit of a tan this early is new for me. I like it. The pasty white begins to glare after a while!

I believe I took a picture of this back in January. The trees look a lot nicer now!

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