Do all babies love swings?

Because Sylvain LOVES his swing! When Adeline put him in it he didn’t do much, just his usual self. But then she pushed it and WHAM! a big, ecstatic smile. Every time. I got an awesome picture of him smiling. A really big smile. I put up my pictures from this Sunday and Monday on Facebook. There are a lot of great pictures of the boys, especially from yesterday.

On the way home from school today, Bastien rode his little bike by himself for a bit. It was down a slight hill, but he did it! It’s a little 3 wheeler that has a long handle out the back for someone to push. Also, we had a great time playing outside today. He went in Sylvain’s swing for a bit and seemed to really enjoy it, but then he wanted to do other stuff. He ended up playing on his slide for a while. I sat at the bottom and when he would come down he’d give me a big hug. Sometimes he tried to push me over or jump when he had his arms around me, so it was a little rough (and I had my glasses on :S), but it was fun. We even made a little ‘fire’. There was no actual fire of course, but we pretended. Best of all, Bastien wanted me to play with him. That’s happening more and more now.

Other than that I spent part of the day organizing some of my photos and of course adding some to Facebook. I still have to go through and add the rest of the Switzerland pictures and the photos from the Mini-Europe trip.

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