All day outside! I actually think I’m starting to get a tan.

And it’s only April. Woot!

This morning I was woken up by Bastien. He gave me a hug and everything. It was around 8:30, even though I could’ve slept in later. I was planning on getting up by 9 anyway. Today’s agenda was building the playground for the kids. Friends of Greg and Adeline came to help, as well as Sybille. I think Greg started around 9 this morning. He pretty much only stopped for lunch and supper and it’s 9:30! Of course I have pictures, but I have to stress it’s not finished yet. It still needs the roof, ladder, and slide. It looks great! I think they’re either going to trim one side of the tree or cut off one of the big branches completely, because it gets in the way of where the slide will be. I think Bastien is going to have a lot of fun on it.

Today it got a little windy for a while, but the sun was out all day and it got hot. Especially for the guys working. I have to say, I only helped a very little bit; I helped lift it into the holes. Honestly, I would’ve just gotten in the way if I tried to do anything else, the guys had it well in hand. I played with Bastien and Sylvain, so I was doing something…most of the time.

Jean-Go and Valerie came for supper and to visit for a bit. And we forgot to talk about Friday, so I’m going to have to call him. Honestly, I know it’s a cheesy phrase, but I really think I would tend to forget my head if it wasn’t attached.

I think Bastien is excited. He kept wanting to play on it, but of course he couldn’t yet. The little stinker didn’t have his nap this afternoon. Adeline put him down for it, but he didn’t sleep! And then, he was still away at almost 9, just singing and making noises. He has school tomorrow…hopefully he’s not too tired.

Here is the story of today in picture form:

The guys got here just in time. We tried to get that up with just the three of us, but it didn’t work the first time.

 That machine made really quick work of the holes.

I think they’re going to have a lot of fun with this. Especially the swings. I remember when I was little we had a swing set. One of those big metal monstrosities that you’re supposed to put in the ground (like this) with concrete so it doesn’t tip back and forth when you swing too high. Yeah. Ours wasn’t stable like that, it definitely moved. That made it more fun I think. We were old enough to be careful ^_^. I will say this though; the slide from our tree house trumps all tree house slides. It was so fast and awesome! I really like our tree house, thanks Dad for building it!

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