Joyeuses Pâques toute le monde! Happy Easter everyone!

No Easter Bunny here. But they have something just as good, if not better: bells! Church bells. They fly from Rome and drop chocolate eggs into people’s backyards. So this morning Adeline had placed a bunch of candy and presents out in the backyard. I actually wasn’t aware she had done this until after. All of a sudden we here bells ringing and Adeline is telling Bastien to go outside to see what the bells had left. Of course by the time children get outside, the bells have flown away ;). It was quite exciting, I have it all on video.

Before we left we fed Sylvain…this was no easy task because now he’s eating baby food once a day. Today it was pea mush. Greg started feeding him (and had the amazing idea of wearing an apron to protect his clothes) and I finished. Now, this was my first time feeding a baby like this and Sylvain loves to chew on his hands and fingers. At one point I was holding both his hands in one of mine and he tried to suck on my hand! Actually, this happened a couple of times. Of course there was green goop everywhere and even with a full body bib (no arms though, unfortunately) we still had to get him a new shirt. And we needed to leave so I couldn’t take that much time. I never really got why babies always got SO dirty when eating. I guess I just never really thought about it. I mean, I know that when they’re just learning it’s a mess, but when you’re not feeding them or there for it, you just wonder why. Well, now I know. Many oh man. And Friday he had carrot goop in his eyelashes! He always rubs his face with his hands/arms (usually before he goes to sleep) and he had carrot on them…then all over his face! Just thought I should mention this momentous step for me.

After that and breakfast we got ready to go to Adeline’s Grandma’s house for lunch. Granny Duchâteau. She lives (during the summer) in this big manor house with a farm attached. Don’t worry, I have lots of pictures. Mostly of outside because I didn’t have a tour of the house, but maybe I’ll get to see it all eventually. While driving there (it’s an hour away), the clouds started taking over the sun went into hiding. I was worried because I wanted to be outside this afternoon, but Adeline made an excellent point: if the sun is gone it can’t melt the chocolate! It started raining before we got there and it rained for a bit. It did stop, but was still overcast. I helped ‘hide’ the chocolate and gifts for the kids. Bastien at 2 1/2 was the oldest today. Then there were the bells again and the kids came out all excited. While I was filming the hunt, I was walking backwards and I stepped on a small chocolate egg! There were plenty, it wasn’t that big of a deal. After lunch it ended up clearing up and became really sunny. Actually, hot. Very nice for taking pictures.

Before the hunt and before lunch I met the husband of one of Adeline’s cousins. His name is David and he’s from Manchester, England. He’s still learning French as well so it was neat that the two of us had someone we could talk to really easily. Not that no one else there spoke English, but you know. We were discussing how English-speaking people have it easy and find it hard to get motivated to really learn a new language sometimes because English is everywhere. Although he did say that it’s a lot easier to find someone who speaks English in Belgium than it is in France. I would say we can just be lazy too. Not everyone, but you have to admit that it’s easier for us than it is for people who come from a country with no common language.

I just talked with my Mom’s family on Skype. I just love Skype, it makes things so easy (sometimes…when it works). They let me know they were reading this (a special shout out to Aunt Anne and Amy! I love you all!) even if they didn’t comment all the time. If everyone commented when they read each post that would be SO MANY comments! Luca was so adorable (is that how he spells his name?), he said Happy Easter many times. He even sang it to me. This was after my Uncle Cliff asked me to sing a French song. So I sang Henri Des’ Le Beau Tambour (about a drum) and Luca yelled out after ‘I liked your song!’ It was great. Very enthusiastic. My Uncle Cliff also HAD to ask me if I had a boyfriend over here; trust me, Uncle Cliff, you will be one of the first to know when that happens….then you won’t have to ask me anymore! I know you mean well ;).

Oh I forgot! David also made a comment about the family being like the paparazzi with all their cameras with big lenses and such. He said that at weddings he feels bad for the photographer because they have to compete with the family. I said I’m kind of used to it because my Grandma Jean alway takes lots of pictures. As well as Aunt Deanna and Aunt Cindy. You just never know when they’re taking your picture…..

Tomorrow’s another full day with lots of company, so I should probably actually go to bed tonight. I will leave you with pictures of Grandglise and the feeling that I’m forgetting something (which happens more than I would like).

This is the back of the house.

This was when it was raining. Can you believe the complete turn around in the weather!

Such a lovely view from the back porch.

From another angle this looks like an old wall. From what I have no idea, but I thought it was cool.

That’s a lot of grass to cut! *Thank you Captain Obvious*

This path leads through that door into a garden.

And here’s the garden.

This is where we ate lunch.

The guys playing some golf.

This is the side from the driveway.

Some of the other buildings on the property.

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