Don’t ask me why I have that song it my head…because I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently watched So I Married an Axe Murderer. Check it out. ^_^

Today was another beautiful day although I was sure it was going to rain at one point. You know that time before it rains after a hot day (or week) where the clouds start getting darker, the breeze picks up, it starts to cool off, and everything looks kind of eerie? Well, it was like that this evening. I love it. So far it hasn’t rained, I just hope it holds off until tomorrow night. Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow!

Tonight Adeline and Greg went to a friend’s birthday party. Originally they were going to take Sylvain with them (it was his Godfather’s party), but he was eating and they had to leave. He was no problem though. I helped him finish because he kept dropping his bottle – and he needed to burp, it’s always funny when he lets a big one loose – and then after a bit he fell asleep. Out for the night.

Despite a little trouble getting Bastien to finish his supper, he was really great all night. I think this is the first time he didn’t ask me for another story. Maybe it’s because I stressed before I started that he was only getting one – not two, not three – one. I said that a few times. I read him The Princess and the Frog. I told him that if he was good and ate all of his dinner he could have a pudding. He loves those and he didn’t have a snack after his nap today because he got up so late. He liked that, and he said ‘one for me, one for you’. It was very nice of him. He wanted to get them out of the fridge too, and when he got back to the table he put one at his spot and one at mine. He really is a great kid.

Remember the chickens? Well, we have to make sure they’re locked in their house at night because of foxes. I think cats might be a bigger issue…when I went out to put lock them in for the night I saw two cats sitting on the ledge. I had forgot about them so when I went out it was around 10 and quite dark. I didn’t know where the flashlight was (I only thought of it after I was already outside and I didn’t want to go back to look for it), so I set the brightness on my iPod to full and tried to use that. It worked to a point, it was just difficult to try and hold it while using both hands to grab a chicken. When I got out there, only one was sleeping inside. I looked being the tree/bush in the enclosure and saw another one. I was freaking out because I couldn’t find the other two! Eventually I saw that there were actually two behind the tree and one had squished itself behind the chicken house. I managed to get them all to move to a spot where I could pick them up. It took a little while though, they had been sleeping and didn’t want to move. But I won!

Earlier today I was sitting at the dining room table and Sylvian was in his play pen and I said ‘boo!’ and he just looked at me…and then smiled. It was so funny I started laughing. Adeline, who was in the kitchen, asked Bastien who had made the joke (Bastien said he did). She came over and I told her. Then she did it, he smiled, and she laughed. It’s contagious when he smiles. Bastien too, his most enthusiastic smiles involve the extreme squinting of both eyes, mouth open wide, and head tilted up. Awesomeness.

I better hit the hay. I’ve been watching a bunch of episodes of Cougar Town with Courtney Cox. It’s actually quite funny, I really like it. And despite the title, it’s not about cougars…there’s really only one woman like that and she’s not a main character. Big day tomorrow. I’m also going to be talking with the family tomorrow evening. I’m excited about that.

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