Happy Birthday Mom!

Wow, what a day! First travelling through all the really great parts of Europe, then getting stuck in Brussels traffic, and finally ending with dinner guests. Let me start from the beginning.

This morning, when Adeline’s cousin Greg got here, we left for Brussels. Well, not quite in Brussels, but near. We visited – as I mentioned yesterday – Mini-Europe. We were originally also going to go in the Atomium, but because of the time, we decided not to. It’s a good thing too. More on that later. I took so many pictures, but I’m just going to pick some of my favourites to put up or you’ll all be here forever! I put Freddy on all the big signs to take pictures and at one point near the beginning this guy asked if he could take a picture of him as well. I told him sure and mentioned that he was my ‘travelling Garden Gnome’. He thought it was funny. You also get ‘attacked’ by the Mini-Europe mascot as soon as you walk through after buying your tickets. It’s an orange turtle. I don’t know if it has a name, but Bastien thought that ‘Mini-Europe’ was his name. Except that Bastien kept saying ‘Mini-Neurope’. Adeline bought him a stuffed orange turtle and that’s its name. They take your picture with the turtle and you can buy it later. I bought one and a key chain.

So this next bit will be all pictures. I have a brochure with info in it for all the models, so I should be able to label all the pictures. Unfortunately they are not necessarily in order…I thought it would be easier to just get them on here and organize them after, but it’s not. When you upload photos they keep them in a gallery so you can upload more than one at a time; the problem is they’re so small that it’s hard to see them. Therefore I inserted them first, but it turned out that backfired on me. I will be getting these – along with many others – up on Facebook. Those will be in order!

The Atomium. Built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair (or International Expo)

This is Trelleborg, a reconstructed Viking camp in Denmark.

I’m having issues figuring this one out. I’ll have to get back to it when I’m not so tired and I have a chance to look at all my pictures when they’re in order.

The Grand Place in Brussels.

I think this is the early Gothic Our-Lady church in Dinant, Belgium. The picture in the brochure is really close up, but from what it shows it looks the same and it mentions the church being up against a solid rock wall!

 Hoensbroek Castle, The Netherlands.

 Tallinn city in Estonia.

This was near the beginning of the tour. How to Train Your Dragon anyone? ^_^

 Freddy and Mini-Neurope at lunch.

 Yay for grapes!

 Eltz castle, Germany.

 Santiago de Compostela (cathedral), Spain.

 The Plaza de Toros in Seville Spain, famous for bull fights. This model is currently under construction.

 The Torre de Belem, Lisbon Portugal. It was built to protect the harbour.

 The Castle of Chenonceaux, Chenonceaux France.

 The Arc de Triomphe in Paris France.

Me and Freddy with Big Ben (London, England) and the Eiffel Tower (Paris).

 St. Kevin’s Church in Glendalough, Ireland.

Boo. My shirt had to get in the way.

By the time we finished the self-guided tour it was so hot! By the way…I heard that New Dundee, at least, woke up to snow this morning. I’m sorry, I really am. We stopped to eat lunch and we got a picture of Bastien and Sylvain after eating – both were covered in orange. Sylvain from carrot baby food and Bastien from spaghetti sauce. Bastien played at the playground for a while (he had so much energy!) and then we headed out. On a totally unrelated, but funny note; I saw a restaurant that was called ‘Mexican Fiesta’ (or something like that) and thought it was odd considering it was Mini-EUROPE and all. I guess technically it’s ok because the restaurants themselves are not in Mini-Europe.

We were on the road by 2pm. I guess 2pm on the Friday before Easter means traffic jam because we were stuck in the Brussels Ring for 1.5 hours. 1.5 hours, when the total trip should only take 1 hour. It was probably about 4:30 or so when we got home. We did make 3 stops – one for gas, one for veggies, and one for meat – but still. It might have actually been 4pm, I don’t know for sure.

When we got home the chicken coop was finished! I don’t have a picture yet because my camera battery died on the way home. Today Adeline’s Dad Dominique and his friend Stella came for dinner. They brought with them 4 chickens! I guess they were only supposed to bring 2. We’re getting 2 more chicks on Sunday. So I played outside with Bastien for a while before they got there – I still don’t know where all his energy came from – and it was quite fun. Dominique asked me when Mom’s birthday was and I replied ‘April 22’. He said, ‘oh, so tomorrow, because it’s the 21st today.’ And I was all, ‘wait, yesterday was the 21st!’. I was shocked to realize that I had almost forgotten my Mom’s birthday! To reconcile this I called her and we talked for a bit before I ran out of credit on my cell phone. I called her back from the house phone and got to talk to my Dad too. Props to my Dad, he’s made my blog his home page! I feel like a celebrity ^_^. Oh and Mom, I know Bastien wouldn’t say hello or Happy Birthday while I had you on the phone, but afterwards I said that I had talked to you and he said Bon Anniversaire.

Things are getting better with him. When I was changing him into his pj’s (which actually took a while) he gave me a hug and I was holding him, not letting him get away. He was laughing and he said I was a baby and he was my Dad. It was cute…in an odd way, but cute. He was laughing hysterically and that is always better than screaming or crying.

Hmmm…anything else? Probably!

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