Today Belgium, tomorrow all of Europe!

Freddy and I need to prepare. Tomorrow we take all of Europe by storm. It’s a big job, but somebody has to do it. Ok. It’s really not that big. In fact, it’s mini. 😀 We’re going to Brussels to Mini-Europe. We being Adeline, Bastien, Sylvain, Freddy, and me. Tomorrow’s post will include some awesome pictures I’m sure.

Today was another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. For my walk I started off the same as Tuesday; but at the ‘T’ I turned right instead of left. I ended up only being gone for 2h20m or so, but I only walked a max of 2h. The path through the fields took me back around to the main road connecting Wasseiges and Meeffe. When I hit it I went left into Meeffe. I walked all the way down to the grocery store we went to yesterday and continued on that road. I saw a side road that I want to check out, but I kept going. Then I got to a split; this was after I rolled my ankle and scraped up my knee. At this point I stopped to put a kleenex on it to get rid of some blood (I hope no one is eating while reading this ;)). I knew that if I went right it would take me out of town, and that left would take me back into town, I just wasn’t sure exactly where. I knew I wanted to go back to the store because I wanted ice cream (:D), but when I first passed it, it was only about 9:45am or so (a little too early for ice cream, even for me). I wanted to be back by noon, so I knew a little extra walking if needed wasn’t going to hurt me. As I walked down the road I came upon this graveyard and the road split again. I’m literally going to have to go walking every day just to explore all the roads! I mean, of course there’s a lot of roads, it just doesn’t make it easy to decide which way I’m going to go.


Somebody’s missing their turtle :(.



Alright. So I continued left and came back out on the main road. To complete the circle I turned left again back to the store. Got an ice cream and a water and was soon on my way. I stopped at this site that has few benches as well as a bus stop. I stopped there for a good 15m or more to eat my treat. And on I went. I decided on my way back to stick to the main road instead of retracing my steps of this morning and I ended up arriving back at the house by 11. Now, I was surprised by how fast I did all that. Maybe it’s because I have a bad sense of distance; maybe because I’m walking faster; or maybe it’s because I actually don’t know exactly how much distance I covered and how long it should have taken me to cover it. Either way, in my head it seems like I did a lot, at least as much as that day I walked for 3 hours, but obviously not *shrug*. Who knows. I just know there’s a lot more of the surrounding area that I want to see. Why is this end of Wasseiges and Meeffe more interesting than the rest of Wasseiges and Ambresin? Maybe because I don’t drive it every day. There are still other directions I need to take from the house as well. It’s a good thing I have all year, this will keep me occupied. It is much better than sitting inside all day…I an be a lazy bum a lot of the time, especially when I’m on my own with no one pushing me to do something.

Upon returning, I cleaned up, watched some tv, had some lunch, and played some guitar. I relearned 5 chords, but mainly focused on 3: D, G, and A. Those are the chords in the very first song I learned how to play on the guitar; Bad Moon Rising. You gotta love Creedence Clearwater Revival. I was surprised by how fast I was actually able to play them again, it’s not easy. And my fingertips hurt when I type :(. I also went to buy more stamps this afternoon.

Adeline’s cousin Greg was here today building the chicken coop. Sometimes it gets a little confusing with two Greg’s and all :). The house is up and the posts are in. He’s coming back tomorrow to finish. We’re getting two chicks on Sunday. They’re also getting an outdoor play set (with swings!) on Saturday, I believe. Then there’s the big Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. It’s a busy weekend. You know what that means; lots of pictures!

I have to make sure I get my stuff ready tonight, because if I forget Freddy tomorrow that would be horrible!

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