I’m walking on sunshine, wo-oh!

And don’t it feel good! 

I love that song. Really. It’s one of the greatest ‘pick-me up/let’s jump around like crazy and call it dancing’ songs, ever.

Today Adeline and I went to Wavre. It’s not far past Louvain-la-Neuve. We had to go work out some more insurance stuff for me, but everything seems to be fine now. After that we walked right out of the building and into the market. It’s a lot bigger than the one in Eghezée. Adeline bought some shirts for Greg, a pair of sandals for her, and a hat for Bastien. I bought shoes for the wedding in May…but not at the market, at a store. Going to the market reminds me of going to St. Jacobs ^_^. At the stand where Adeline bought the T-shirts I was able to understand some of the slogans. One said ‘Je suis le BOSS’. Another was about women and coffee; I understood everything but the end. Basically women are like coffee; great tasting at first, but then they make you crazy (something along those lines….think caffeine overdose). Anyway…..

After the market we went to Quick for lunch. My first fast-food burger and fries in over 3 months! Very similar to McDonalds, but good and different as well. They have to different categories for kids meals, a slightly larger dessert menu ;). They have a kid’s meal for ages 3-8 (Magic box? I can’t remember!), and one from 8-12 that I forget the name of. It was very tasty. One difference was they have sandwiches already made and they just have to take it from a heated area to your tray. I’m guessing they don’t sit there too long because my burger was really good. That is just an observation of mine.

From lunch we went to Syville’s where Adeline worked for a couple of hours and I went for a walk in the woods. These are the same woods that I went walking in with Bastien a couple of months ago, but I went farther this time. Once you get in a ways, there is a map posted with three trails marked on it. One is 1km, a second 2.9km, and the third 3.7km. You have to actually start on the second one to get to the others. I decided to take the middle one because I could start it from where I was and I wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take me. I didn’t actually know if I would get all the way around. I set an alarm for 1 hour and 15 minutes, half the amount of time I had before I had to get back. This way, I knew that I would have to start making my way back. Fortunately – even with taking my time and enjoying the scenery – it didn’t actually take me that long. I was back at the map with plenty of time left over. So I just sat on a bench for a while, just enjoying being outside. In the woods. I really need to get back to Lake Superior Provincial Park for some camping! If you’ve never been, it’s beautiful…if you like dense forest, challenging trails, cold lake water, rocky beaches, bears, and cold nights…sometimes you can see the northern lights. It’s totally worth the 12 hour trip.

I digress. We went together to pick up the boys and on our way home we made a detour to Meeffe to pick up some more fresh veggies for supper. Adeline made a cold pasta salad with a lot of veggies. It was so good! And it was quick to make because of her new chopper. 10 minutes with perfectly even, small-sized veggie-bites. It’s not the slap chop, bit it’s awesome…and not as loud.

We went outside again with the boys and of course Bastien and I played the ‘drums’. I have to admit that I probably have as much – if not more – fun as Bastien. Banging things is very fun. Banging things in rhythm even more so. He wanted to take Bébé Pépé out to take pictures (with his toy camera) and I asked if he wanted Freddy also. He did, so out came Freddy (as well as my camera ;)). I also had some fun braiding flowers together. You heard me (:P).

He’s taking them to the slide so they can sleep.

Well, the evening is moving on and I have yet to watch Glee. Therefore, I am going to wrap this up and get on that!

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