Blue skies shining on me….

….nothing but blue skies do I see.

24. All week. Are you jealous? 😛

This morning after everyone was gone I left for a walk. It ended up being almost 2 hours. I went in a completely different direction today! I also brought my camera so I was able to document it. So I guess if you count all the stops I made for pictures I really only walked about 1.5 hours. I walked left out of the drive-way towards the town of Meeffe. Before I rounded the bend that would take me out of Wasseiges I noticed a side road. So I took that. It soon turned into a dirt road, which turned into a tractor road, which turned into two deep tractor ruts with grass in between. I saw cows grazing….and two large birds which resembled geese, but they were two far away to really tell. I didn’t bring the map with me so I wasn’t even sure if this route went anywhere or was just going to end in a dead-end. Fortunately it intersected with another tractor road (‘T’). So, left or right, which way do I want to go? After taking pictures to make a panoramic view of said intersection, I decided on left (which I figured would take me around where I could do an easy circle home, instead of going towards Meeffe). The next time I go I’m going to go right.

Eventually the track looked to be traveled more heavily as there was less and less grass on it. I was surrounded by green, it was so beautiful. Of course, because of the sun some of my pictures were just point and shoot (like in the mountains), but who’s complaining? Eventually the track widened and was paved. I crossed another bridge (I first crossed the one near the house) and saw a sign with fish and a map of Ambresin. So now I knew how far I had traveled. Once I got to a main road I realized exactly where I was; straight would take me to Hannut, right to the babysitter’s, and left to Wasseiges. Since I had walked at least part of that road every time I went on a walk, and it’s a main road with quite a bit of traffic, I just decided to go back. On my way back I ducked down a side road (to my right) just to see where it would take me. It took me back to the main road, just quite a bit further down. Again, I turned around and walked back. The scenery was much more beautiful and peaceful the way I had come. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think once I’m done exploring with walking distance around Wasseiges, I’m going to take the book of maps with walking routes on it and see where I haven’t walked. They have a lot of pre-planned routes, but not all start in Wasseiges.

One of these days I really am going to fill my backpack with water and a lunch and just walk. Spend all day outside. Hmmm…I should do that this week yet because I have longer since Bastien is on vacation from school.

So after my walk…nothing much. A little TV, a little piano. After picking the boys up we went outside. It was me and the boys and Bastien and I played with sticks. He loves sticks. He loves playing on drum-like objects with his sticks. He wanted me to play ‘drums’ with him, but because of Sylvain it was best if I stayed on the blanket with him near the tree. So, I played ‘drums’ on the grass and Bastien played on the tree and we sang a drum song by children’s singer Henri Des. We sang it over and over and over again. It’s a good thing I like it! It’s actually one of only two children’s songs I know in French. Or at least, that I know in its entirety. Despite being a little cranky when I picked him up, Bastien was very nice, gentle, and helpful when we were playing outside.

After supper, Adeline picked Sylvain up and had him stand (with help of course ;)). He always stands on his tippy toes. Then she walked with him. He was doing it! It was great. Then Bastien went to help, which usually means smothering Sylvain in a great big hug. With Adeline’s help he then proceeded to pick up his little brother. When he put him down they continued helping him walk all the way to Greg.

Another thing that was so adorable/funny that I have to mention is that upstairs when the boys were in their pj’s and Greg had just finished reading Bastien his story, Bastien asked for another one. This in and of itself is not funny as it is a daily occurrence. It was after this when Adeline said something along the lines of Sylvain was going to go into Bastien’s bed…Then she put him on the ground, but instead of ‘walking’ he glided across the floor (it’s wood and he had fully body pj’s) and Bastien got up after him and raced them into his room and onto his bed. I wish I could have gotten it on video, it was hilarious. Then they put Sylvain in Bastien’s bed and Bastien again proceeded to smother him in a half hug, half ‘I’m lying on Sylvain’ move. Of course Sylvain just laid there.

I love those moments when everyone’s happy and neat things happen and everyone gets a laugh out of them. Even if sometimes little children laughing is more like screeching in your ear, as long as they’re happy, everyone’s happy.

And now, a condensed version of my morning walk:

This is a view from the bridge in Wasseiges.

Yeah for cows!

This is after the ‘T’ intersection.

I tried to use some of the tips Adeline gave me. The sun made it hard because I couldn’t always see what I was taking a picture of!

And if you get tired there’s a handy bench there for you.

The bridge outside of Ambresin.

This is wear I first turned around.

I just like taking pictures of flowers…and when they’re on trees it’s easier.


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