Happy Days

This morning Bastien was in a really good mood. He put his shoes on, his jacket, he even let me help without a fuss! When I picked the boys up, Catherine (the babysitter) said they were both really good all day and Bastien was still in a good mood. This continued until he had to come in from playing outside – then there was a little bit of resistance. I played outside with him for a while, while Adeline made supper and it was a lot of fun.

Tonight we watched Inception, that movie about dreams with Leonardo DiCaprio. I will say this; if you’re tired, don’t watch it, if you want mindless entertainment that doesn’t require the use of more than 1% brain function, don’t watch it. Basically, if you haven’t seen it, it’s one of those movies that makes you think. It’s not the most complicated movie out there, but it does require close attention to be paid. In the end the entire thing (if I understood correctly)  came down to money and power; one guy thinking another had to much of both.

During the movie Sylvain woke up. So, he was fed and then proceeded to converse with us. He makes these little high-pitched squealing noises and he has the best facial expressions. After he finally burped he made this little gravelly growl, like he had something in his throat. It was funny. The best is when he smiles, we all love that.

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