What’s in a title?

Before I forget I have to mention something Sylvain did that had us laughing. It’s not necessarily that funny, it’s just because we were there and he’s a cutie. Adeline was holding him at the table and he had one of his toys with him. He was doing his usual thing of chewing on it/waving it around (sometimes hitting his own face in the process). One minute it was around his wrist, the next he just kind of threw it down. Instead of landing on the floor it landed in his Relax. It was funny because he looked so serious.

Bastien has this thing he started doing a while ago – maybe he was doing it before I got here, I don’t know – but whenever he’s finished eating or drinking he’ll yell ‘j’ai gagne!’ (I have won). If hy it really enthusiastically. (<– I’m not sure exactly what I was trying to say here…)

This morning I was up for breakfast, go me! After breakfast we went to the market in Eghezée. I don’t always go, but Bastien asked if I was coming before him and Adeline went to the bakery. I said if he wanted me to go he had to ask me. So he asked me and I said I would go if he wanted me to. So I went. We stopped by to see the chickens, chicks, and ducks today. Next Sunday the chicks are coming here (more on that later in the week…).

This afternoon I had to myself because they went to a birthday party. I played a little piano and went online. Well, I should go because I’m getting ready to talk to a friend online. Ta ta for now!

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