Bastien really likes his pudding…

Every day (sometimes multiple times a day), Bastien will ask for a pudding. Of course, we say ‘after you’ve eaten you supper/lunch’, but he doesn’t finish, so no pudding. It’s kind of funny, except that now that sets him off crying every time. I’m sure that this too will pass.

If you haven’t seen That Thing You Do you really should look into that. It’s got Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler (as well as the 4 guys who play the band members) and is really peppy. It’s a story about a band called The Wonders (formerly The Oneders – that’s one-ders, not o-nee-ders) and their hit song ‘That Thing You Do’. I think the band is actually only together for just over 2 months or so, but they go from being unknown to having a top 10 hit to breaking up. It’s fun, snappy, and funny. The song is super catchy and 3 of the 4 guys are great to watch, especially the lead guitarist, he says the strangest things. Like when they’re being interviewed at a state fair he gets asked a question about the band and this is his response (paraphrased): ‘Oh I’m not here with these guys. I’ve got a pig entered here and I’m going to win that blue ribbon!’. Adeline and I watched it this afternoon. You should really check it out.

So you know how a little while ago we were having that amazing weather? Well, it’s not that it’s bad right now, it’s not raining that much, it’s just cold. Chill. But that’s April for you. While creeping around on Facebook, I noticed a friend’s status mentioning it being really windy; windy enough to almost rip her car door off it’s hinges! Hope it’s calming down and not too much gets damaged.

See you tomorrow, same time, same place. ^_^

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