I love the piano.

Today I played a lot of piano. I played through all of Bohemian Rhapsody! Even thought on most songs I cheat and play chords instead of the accompaniment, I didn’t do that this time. Hmmm…I feel like I may have mentioned this yesterday as well. Oh well! I’m having a lot of fun learning new music. It’ll be great when I can play things up to snuff enough that we can have sing-a-longs. Although I might need more music…

Also, I spent a bit of time today memorizing one section of a song in French. It’s from L’orthographe en chansons. It’s a collection of 8 songs that talk about grammar rules and their exceptions. This style is different for each song. Adeline has it on a CD (and now it’s on my computer), but it’s originally from a record so it’s got that cool scratchy sound to it. There’s a mambo, a tarantelle, 50s style rock, polka, march, cha cha cha, fox(trot?), and conga. Think dancing with the stars! It’s really fun and if you listen enough it gets stuck in your head. Which is good and I think kind of the point so you remember. What I was memorizing is this:

Bijou, caillou, chou, genou, hibou, joujou et pou: “o-u”, au singulier; “o-u-x”, au pluriel: Bijoux, cailloux, choux, genoux, hiboux, joujoux et poux. Encore un peu plus vite, vite, voulex-vous?

So this one is the polka song. When you sing it all the words can kind of run together. So it’s in this rhythm and the you keep repeating it, each time faster than the last until you can’t do it anymore! Ok, I’m not actually sure how many times they repeat it on the recording….a few. It’s fun.

Adeline picked the boys up today. Her and Greg went to Brussels (I think) to a friend’s house for a house-warming party I believe. Just me and the boys tonight. Bastien is in bed right now and Sylvain is sleeping, but he’s not in bed. At 9pm it will have been 3 hours since he ate last, so he’ll probably wake up. I’ll feed him and get him ready for bed then. Hopefully (like last night) he’ll sleep all the way through!

Maybe you’re wondering how the spaghetti turned out. It could have went better. Of course it’s a different cheese sauce (a 3 cheese mix), but I could have used a little more. More sauce too. Or I just used too many noodles! Now I know.

In the words of Porky Pig (but I won’t write the stutter); That’s all folks!

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