Bon Anniversaire Adeline et Greg!

Yes, it’s the same as for birthdays :D.

Today is Adeline and Greg’s wedding anniversary! So I decided to do something…I baked a cake. Don’t get all excited now, all I did was buy a mix and put it in the pan. Bastien helped :D. It was a tad bit over done at the edges, but it tasted fine. Of course, they went out for dinner so they’ll have to have some when they get home. Or tomorrow.

Freddy and Bébé Pépé with the cake…because Bastien wouldn’t pose with it ;). I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s marble, it was good 😛

On the way to pick the boys up, I passed this big jeep sitting the very small parking lot of the Ambresin/Meeffe school (I might have messed up on the spelling there). Just outside it were two guys in camouflage. They looked official. Especially the guy further up who was standing just at the end of a hedge…I didn’t see him until I was almost right beside him. I’m betting soldier because he definitely had a big gun. It freaked me out because I wasn’t expecting him there. He wasn’t exactly hiding…I just didn’t see him right away. There was either one or two more jeeps farther up as well. Then on our way back they were still there! Hedge guy hadn’t moved either. I knew he was real, but for the second time I had this crazy notion that he was just one life-size version of a toy soldier. Crazy, I know, but you don’t expect to see soldiers randomly on the side of the road! At least not here. This is totally off topic (except for location), but yesterday I almost ran over someone’s dog. It was just slowly jogging across the road, not paying any attention to anybody. I didn’t slow down right away because it was still on the side and at first I thought it was on a leash and would be stopped from going on the road. Nope. So I had to stop quick and then I had no idea where it went! I didn’t want to start driving in case it was still really close. Then I spotted it in some bushes.

On to a brighter note. On the way home I was teaching Bastien some English words. You know, cow, cat, dog, horse, house, nose…He would repeat them. I don’t know why, but it was SO CUTE hearing him say (or try to say) English words. He was really good about it too. Sometimes you’ll tell him something and he’ll just say ‘no’. Or he’ll ask you something and when you answer he tells you you’re wrong. I got so excited, which made him excited and made him laugh. It was wondrous. It all started because I said something to do with my nose, but instead of saying ‘nez’ I said nose.

So like I said above, Bastien helped me put the cake mix in the pan. He got so excited. When Adeline came in the door he ran up to her and said (with great enthusiasm) that he was helping make a cake. Now, although I knew that it was their anniversary today, for some reason I had it in my head that it would still be like a normal Thursday – which means I would make dinner because Adeline would be home late. I was going to make spaghetti like my Mom makes it – except I have to use a different cheese sauce because there’s no Campbell’s Cheese Soup here ;). When it dawned on me that of course they were going out I decided to save that for tomorrow night. There was no sense of making it for just Bastien and I. Despite being very upset they were leaving (he wanted to go along) he was fine a little while after they left. He actually ate all of his dinner without much fuss! Usually it’s a chore and a half to get him to eat, but he ate most of it himself without prodding while I fed Sylvain. I helped him with the last bit, but in comparison to other days, it didn’t take very long. After eating we had some cake. Then we sat down and ‘talked’ with Sylvain for a bit (he likes to talk after he eats). Bastien gave him a lot of hugs. I tried to get some pictures because they were too cute for words, but it was out of focus without the flash because they were moving a bit and I couldn’t use the flash because it would’ve been too bright. That’s ok though, I have time to get more!

The flowers Greg got Adeline.

Again, I feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to mention… Oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember in a couple of days!

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  1. Adeline

     /  April 15, 2011

    I’ve seen the soldiers too on monday. they are doing exercises. Belgium is a small country so it’s normal they practice in a lot of places….
    for the orthographe (spelling) it’s Meeffe et “bon anniversaire” (even if we prononce the “n”)

    • It did cross my mind that they were practicing. I’m just not used to it so it surprised me! Thanks for the spelling corrections! I’ll go fix them.


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