Shopping with Bastien.

Today we needed to get a few things from the grocery store. But Adeline wasn’t feeling very well, so I took Bastien. We ended up going to two different stores, but that’s neither here nor there. We didn’t have to get very many things, but we took two hours anyway. There are a few reasons for this: 1) I thought it would be nice for Adeline to have  some time alone, especially with not feeling well. 2) Today was the first time being in the second store, so I had to find what I needed. 3) My stomach was hurting a bit as well so I wasn’t up for doing anything fast :). Of course before we left Bastien didn’t want to go with me, but once we were out he was fine. The only issue I had was when I took his shoes off to try on some imitation crocs that were on sale, he didn’t want to put them back on. It’s always a battle with the shoes.

In the second store we ended up walking down the liquor isle. Bastien saw the drinks and said that they were for Papa because they are too ‘ça pique’ for him. It was better when he said it, I actually laughed out loud. ‘Ça pique’ is…it’s hard for me to explain, but think the bubbles in pop, or something spicy – those are both examples of what ‘ça pique’ is. When we were in the meat section he pretended to eat it all…then he said he was still hungry so he ‘ate’ all the fish! I spent a lot of time getting him to laugh and it was well worth it. It’s really great when you don’t have to rush so much. Eventually you can persuade him to do what you want, as long as you have the time. He was a good sport.

I also spent quite a bit of time playing the piano today. Occasionally Adeline would sing a lot with me…like when I tried to play Bohemian Rhapsody. I played the accompaniment in the first few bars (which are actually just chords), and then after that I read the guitar chords, but when it got to the fast part I gave up. There’s only so much sight reading ability available to me.

After dinner Adeline was talking to Greg and she was getting really animated and laughing, so Bastien laughed along. Sometimes all you need to do to make him laugh is to laugh yourself. It’s great when he’s in a good enough mood that that will work! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Sylvain…he’s his usual cute self. But there’s so many creams for him! We have to put this stuff on his bum that just happens to be bright red and stains really well. After Adeline put it on the first time we remembered the plastic gloves in the kitchen and have been using them ever since. Every time I put one on I feel like I’m about to perform some sort of examination, like I should be at a hospital or something :D. At first whenever there’s a new cream, or just a change in something it’s hard to remember and I always think I’ll forget, but routine is great, because it becomes second nature.

In other important news…6 more days till Glee comes back! I must be super excited because Sunday night I had a dream about Glee. It was very strange, that’s all you need to know. I haven’t remembered any dreams in a very long time so it’s funny that I remembered this one.

Take courage! The week is half over now. Hope the rest of it is great!

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