Not much is better than chocolate covered caramel.

Unless you’re watching Bastien eat it! It was really funny because it’s hard to chew and it would get stuck in his teeth and he didn’t like that. He still said it was good. Poor guy, Adeline and I were trying not to laugh the entire time – and failing! He was home again today, so it was just me and him. He’s so much easier for me to handle when it’s just the two of us. We spent a lot of time laughing. Bastien laughing is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but honestly, it’s totally awesome.

Now, I know you’re all probably a bit jealous of the beautiful weather we’ve been having, so you should know that today wasn’t so nice. It hailed! For quite a while actually. It sort of happened in two spurts; twice it hailed super hard and then petered off to nothing. The sun came out for a few hours, but it was still quite chilly. The hail wasn’t the size of golf balls or anything dramatic like that – more like large peas – but it was still pretty intense for a bit.

In other news, Freddy has made a new friend! He is a tiger and his name is Bébé Pépé. Bébé Pépé is actually from Canada. He is Adeline’s and Bastien was playing with him today. After supper we were sitting at the table and suddenly Adeline remembered how she got him. Bébé Pépé was a Christmas gift from Jean the year he lived with us. How cool is that.

Speaking of it being chilly out – since it’s colder today than it’s been lately Greg decided to light a fire. It was very nice. So we all sat around it for a bit and then I put on one of my dresses for Adeline. There’s a wedding coming up and it’s going to be pretty fancy. She just wanted to make sure that my dress worked. I have two, but the other one is all black and she’ll be wearing black. Luckily, it works fine. Since I only brought two necklaces – one is not dressy and one is small – she’s lending me some of her jewelry. It’s a nice necklace, earrings, bracelet set that matches quite nicely. I think I’m going to get new shoes, some strappy, heeled sandal or something. The only heels I have are the one’s I bought here – the colour won’t work and they don’t go with my dress (being shoes not sandals). Woohoo. Actually, I am kind of looking forward to it.

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