You gotta love abnormal weather…

…when it gives you a day like today!

First things first. At 11am we went to the Commune of Wasseiges (also known as the City/Town Hall). They had ceremony of sorts welcoming all the babies born in Wasseiges in 2010 and each family got a complimentary raspberry plant (as well as some money). There were a lot of babies born last year!

Also, I can’t believe how hot it was today! It felt like the middle of July. I have no idea what the temperature was, but it got hot in the sun. Although, this isn’t normal weather for Belgium, just like it wouldn’t be normal in Canada. Either way it was awesome.

For the barbecue we went to this place called Bois-de-Reve (I think…Adeline? :S). It’s a big area with trails through this bush, sectioned off areas for picnics/barbecues, and a huge park/play area with slides and things to climb, sand, swings, and teeter-totters! Adeline, Greg, Jean-Phillipe (Greg’s brother), and I took the boys. Of course, Sylvain didn’t do much playing – Adeline did take him down a slide, but I missed it…no photo there :(. Bastien seemed to have a good time while we were there.

After the park Adeline took Bastien to her Mom’s for his nap. When she came back a bunch of us went on a hike. I forgot to mention – the day was organized by Greg’s cousin. As far as I know it was just something to get a bunch of friends together for and have a good time. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. I guess it could have been a little cooler, but really, how picky can you get!

Coming up to the pond ‘étang du bois des rêves’ (Pond of the Dream’s Wood). You can fish here too, there were quite a few people doing that.

This is still before the pond.

Here’s the pond. And fishermen! I prefer fishing on a boat myself ;).

If you go into the woods today you’re in for a big surprise. If you go into the woods today you better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was is gathered here together because today’s the day the Teddy Bear’s have their picnic.

And…I forgot Freddy. I know, how could I. The nerve.

I just like how that one tree made a nice arch-way.


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  1. Adeline

     /  April 11, 2011

    It was absolutly not the lake of Louvain-La-Neuve. I’ll show you another time. It was the “pound of the dream’s Wood” translate by “étang du bois des rêves”.
    But it was realy good wether. And today it’s the same…!!! yeah

    • *shock!* I wondered if I was wrong. Usually I am :P. I will go change that right now!!

      • Adeline

         /  April 12, 2011

        you are not always wrong… dont misjuge yourself. (euh… is that a word?). we did talk about Louvain-la-neuve lake. you just don’t get everything…


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