Bubbles are for everyone.

I’ve realized that I use ‘!’ a lot in my titles. I think I had five in a row with an ‘!’. I need to work on that. This afternoon I spent some time organizing my computer. Which is a task and a half because it hates me. Anyway. When nap time was over we had snack time and then we went out to play. Adeline went to buy the meat for tomorrow and Greg and I took the boys out into the backyard. Greg cleaned up the raspberry bushes (with help from Bastien) while I watched Sylvain. So Bastien was running around with plastic gloves that were a million sizes too big, a mini rake, and later two sticks. He’s obsessed with those sticks.

About a half hour or so before we went in, Greg went in and got bubbles! He started blowing them first and let Bastien try. Then I took over. Adeline commented on how she wasn’t sure who was having more fun, me or Bastien. It was funny when he’d try because he’d blow so hard that it wouldn’t work. Eventually he was able to get it to work with more consistency. He would always try to break them too. Those bubbles didn’t stand a chance against Bastien and his sticks! I did get a decent picture of him blowing some bubbles.

After supper Greg played some music for me to see if I knew any of it. He’s going to a concert tomorrow night with his brother (a Christmas present) so he was playing some of that. At one point Bastien put his hands up and started moving them to the beat…so I started doing the ‘raise the roof’ thing that was so popular years ago, but now I’m not so sure :P. It was funny.

Oh yeah, earlier today I took a picture of one of the random town cats that sometimes comes into the backyard…it was sleeping in one of the flowerbeds.

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