1, 2, 3, sing!

This afternoon when I picked Bastien up from school and asked him what he did, he said the same thing he says everyday; nothing. Apparently he does nothing at school. Of course this isn’t true, it’s just funny how he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He used to tell us what he did. Although, Adeline and Greg can usually drag some explanation from him at supper so that’s good.

After school, we played outside for a bit. At one point I went inside to grab my camera, just in case, and he asked if I had Freddy. I didn’t, but I asked him if he wanted Freddy to come out and he said yes, so I went and got him. Of course Bastien through him in the bushes…We laughed a lot. Bastien’s awesome when he’s happy.

Before we left to go get Sylvain, he was sitting on his sand box (on the lid) and he had two sticks and was pretending to do…I don’t actually remember what. He brought them with him in the car and starting singing a song about a drum. I started singing with him. Then I said ‘ok, after 3 sing with me; 1, 2, 3, sing!’. So we sang together. I said ‘bravo Bastien!’. Then I did it again. Eventually I stopped, but then he would count to 3 and we’d sing again. I’d say ‘bravo Bastien’ and he would say ‘bravo Holly’, I’d say ‘merci’ and he’d start again. It was fun. It’s just nice to see him happy.

It wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday, but it was still beautiful. Adeline said that it’s supposed to be nice this weekend again, which is good, because on Sunday we’re going to a barbecue! Organized by one of Greg’s cousins.

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