Today I laughed a lot. I also walked a lot. About 11km I think. I forgot to check today when I went to get Sylvain, but I checked it out one other time and if I remember, the round trip from our house to the babysitter’s back to our house is 11km. It took my 2h 57m 30s. Or so :P. A woman came to talk to me today to see how things were going and if everything was ok with the family. I knew that someone was going to come eventually, but I had no idea when. I felt really bad when I got back and Adeline told me! She called me later this afternoon so I did get to talk to her then. She said I could call her if there are any problems, but I don’t foresee any happening. Yeah, so by the time I got back I was pretty tuckered out. We had lunch, I had a shower, and then took a nap!

It was another beautiful day so we went outside for a while after Bastien’s nap. We had hot dogs and soup for lunch. Adeline asked Bastien if he wanted some sauce with his; sauce of tomatoes. Ketchup! When he tried to say it he said ‘kepchup’. Cute, tee hee hee. Of course, when he said it slow after Adeline (ke-t-chup) he could say it right, but saying it all at once he always said kepchup. Then he was talking about there being no more hot dogs (he also said ‘hot dogs’) and said ‘dommage’. I asked what that meant and Adeline was a little stumped as to how to explain it to me. She was thinking about a word in English for it and said she knew what it was in Dutch; ‘jammer’. I said ‘did you just say “jammer”?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘My Grandma says that all the time!’. So without actually translating it I knew what she was trying to say. Basically ‘oh shoot’. We had a good laugh that I could figure it out from Dutch. Thanks Grandma Doris! Living with my Grandma all those years sure paid off :D.

Sylvain is at that stage where he puts everything in his mouth. The other day Adeline said, it’s not a question of ‘what’ he can put in his mouth, it’s ‘how fast can I put this in my mouth’. If your hand is anywhere near is face he’ll try to suck on it.

The tulips are up in the garden and they’re this awesome red and yellow colour. One of the trees in the backyard is starting to bloom too. It’s going to be awesome when it’s in full bloom.

And yeah, it’s amazing what you see when you’re walking on a road you’ve driven many, many times. Of course you have so much more time to take a look. I noticed a bunch of things today, just one the properties I passed. Everything is so green now and with the sun today it was awesome. Of course, while I was walking it got pretty windy in spots. I had a sweater so that was good. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight! That’s probably why I’m don’t always sleep well, or am so tired all the time. It’s because I’m not doing enough during the day and I’m stuck in this cycle of always being tired! Oh no! I guess I’m just going to have to walk 3 hours everyday :D. Yeah right. I can say that but it’s not going to happen. Not everyday at least. But I do have a lot of roads I want to check out, so I have an incentive to keep going out for walks. I’ll just have to pack a lunch and water and I’ll be good for the day! 

I promise I’m not trying to make you all jealous…do you still have snow?

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  1. jeango

     /  April 6, 2011

    oh by the way, whenever you feel like taking a hike in Namur, just give me a call, I’ll be glad to show you around some nice places 🙂

  2. jeango

     /  April 6, 2011

    dommage (as well as “jammer”) translates in “too bad” or “pity” or “shame”, it also means (but in another context, and in dutch that’s “schade”) damage 🙂

    hope this helps

    • That’s great! I just know my Grandma Doris says ‘jammer’ all the time, so we had a good laugh over me being able to understand from a language I’ve never learned before.


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