I don’t really know what to write about  today. I mean, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I did just spend the last little while with Adeline watching funny YouTube videos. A couple to check out if you want a good laugh are these:

1).Axis of Awesome’s 4 Chord Song. It’s not the one we watched, but it’s got the song titles, so that’s cool.

2). The Arrogant Worms’ I am not and American. Tee hee hee. I don’t know much about The Arrogant Worms except that they’re Canadian (I think they went to Queen’s in Ottawa?) and they have really awesome song titles.

3). An Australian beer (Carlton Draught) A Big Ad. This is the second or third different beer to use ‘O Fortuna’, but I can’t remember what the other brands are to find them.

Those aren’t all the videos we watched, but I can’t even remember all of them. #1 is my favourite…I think you’ll all agree with me. Also, I think it’s better than Rob Paravonian’s Pachelbel Rant, but both are good. Axis of Awesome just uses more songs!

I know this has nothing to do with Belgium, but that’s some of what I did today. ^_^

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