It’s a rainy day…

It’s a rainy day…

And it was today. If you click on that link it will take you to the Ice MC – It’s a rainy day music video. It’s great in a terrible way! Adeline came to my room today and told me she had a great title for my blog. Then she told me about this song. Seeing as how I like to use song lyrics for titles I went with it! It’s hard to believe that yesterday was so nice. It was like the beginning of summer. Today was true April…maybe late March weather. Still relatively mild, but there was a chill because of the rain.

I didn’t really do much today except try and create a Facebook photo album. It was the first one of the trip to Switzerland – the journey. It took me so long! A few hours anyway. If I tried to upload more than 5 pictures at a time it would freeze. Then Facebook would stop working. I thought maybe it was my computer because it’s so slow, but I put a complaint in my status and I had a couple of replies saying it was actually Facebook, that I wasn’t the only one having problems. That made me feel better, but it still took so long! It doesn’t inspire me to want to take the time to create more albums.

Don’t worry though, I will. I have so many great pictures that I don’t put on here. I have some awesome family pictures from yesterday that I can’t wait for my friends to see. I actually have to admit that I almost forgot about writing tonight! I was all set to turn off my computer and head to bed when I realized. Not that it would have been a shame, but you know, it would have ruined my streak. 😀

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