What an extraordinary beautiful day!

I wore shorts today! Well, not shorts actually…capri’s, but they weren’t pants! I spent some time during Bastien’s nap outside  by myself, and after both boys were up we all went outside for a few hours. It was wonderful. Windy, but wonderful. I got some really amazing family pictures and some of the boys that are just too cute for words. It was especially adorable when Bastien started following Greg around with his toy-mower. Greg was mowing the lawn.

Let’s start at the very beginning. A  very good place to start…This morning I was planning on being up for breakfast. Usually, I sleep in way too late on the weekends, but today I was going to get up. Of course, I woke up coughing in the middle of the night and had the hardest time getting back to sleep. It’s been happening all week! Just after my alarm went off and I was waking up, I hear this; “Tok, tok, Holly. Le petit dejuner est sur le table!“. Or something like that. I had just woken up of course. It’s so cute when Bastien comes to wake you up…he’s so full of energy. And he waited for me this time. We had French toast! I had mine with Nutella. Gotta love chocolate in the morning. After breakfast Bastien and Greg went off to Little Gym and Adeline and I did our own thing.

At lunch we had sandwiches, but more importantly, we had cheese from Switzerland. It’s called Monk’s Head cheese because of the way it’s served. It’s placed on this wooden, circular board (the name of which I cannot remember – of course) with a metal piece through the middle. On this metal piece is a blade which rotates in a circle and peels off the top layer of cheese. You go all the way around (however many times you want) and what you get looks like a flower. What’s left looks like a monk’s head because it’s darker on the sides (because of the covering) and on top lighter…like a bald monk. ^_^

During lunch, Bastien had a piece of meat that he was breaking into little pieces to eat. All of a sudden he says one of his pieces looks like an elephant (which it did). Then pigeon came out of nowhere (for me anyway)…it was an elephant pigeon (?). I got a kick out of that. Also, Sylvain was sitting off to the side with one of his toys. It’s a contraption that has three shapes hanging from an arch. He was staring intently at Adeline while playing and every time we would look at him, he would have done something different with the toys. The most memorable was when he had the middle one resting on his head like a hat. We laughed. Also, after he had the middle one at the side of his face so Bastien couldn’t actually see him.

Also this afternoon (during nap time) Adeline and I sorted through Sylvain’s clothes. We had to put all the 3 month clothes in boxes because they’re too small for him now! He’ll be 5 months old in a few days. We had to say goodbye to a lot of cute outfits, my favourite being the ‘Tigger’ outfit. Tiger striped pants (covering the feet and all) and a little hoodie with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on it. The hood also had little ears.

It’s a baby!

This is Bastien’s second picture with my camera. I was laughing so hard because he put his face right up to the camera to take the picture. I don’t know why this was so funny, but it was.

And this is the 4th. The 3rd I deleted because it was just my knee….

Is there anything else to mention? I don’t know! I guess this week I’ll have to get my act together and create a whole bunch of Facebook Albums! I still have a lot more pictures from Verbier and there’s a lot from the past three months!

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