I have some corrections to make. The comment I made in Tuesday’s post about the mine was slightly wrong. I said that I thought it might go under the house, but it in fact does not. There’s a passage way more under the road and the bank side of the street, but it misses the house. Also, they were chalk mines from 200 years ago, when no one lived here and they used the chalk to fertilize the fields. I told Greg that they should figure out a way for people to be able to go down to see them, then charge admission! I would definitely pay to go down there. Although, that would have both pros and cons for the town. I just wanted to clear that up so there’s no confusion.

Ok, today. Just another day. I want to try to include at least one picture a day to keep things interesting, and I took a few while playing outside with Bastien…Of course they’re with Freddy. *sigh* I know it might get old soon, but in a way, it’s more interesting to at least have him somewhere in the picture instead of just a plant or something! And maybe I can try to make it like a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ thing. Plus, I think sometimes Bastien gets a kick out of him and just likes throwing him around!

Freddy is trying to be like Shanga, the cat.


When this tree blooms I’m sure it will be beautiful!


Bastien pushed him down the slide and then threw him in his house…It was funny.

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