Free Coke Zero for everyone!

To was uneventful. Except for the fact that when I got back from picking the boys up there was a bucket with free mini cans of new Coke Zero right outside the house! Well, on the corner. Bastien and I grabbed a couple.

I forgot to mention a couple of things; one was from last week, and one was from last night. While in Switzerland, on the Friday night, as we were going into the restaurant there was a display that had a stuffed Saint Bernard toy in it. Jeff made the comment that it could be a friend for Freddy. I actually thought it was really funny and considered it for about two seconds before remembering that I have WAY too many stuffed bears at home as a result of a bear collected phase I went through.

Last night Sylvain was laying down while the rest of us were finishing dinner. He had just eaten and had started to cry. So I pick him up to see if he needs to burp. Nothing. All of a sudden he lets out the longest burp of life! It was hilarious, we were all laughing because it just kept going and going and going and going and you get the picture. Maybe it just seemed extra long at the time, but I’m sure it’s the longest one I’ve heard from him yet!

They're really mini. Half the size of a regular can at least.

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