Wasseiges: photo inédite des galeries souterraines en plein coeur du village

Above is a picture of what it looks like 12m underneath Wasseiges. Underneath the house across the street from us. I guess some time last week while we were away part of the floor of that house collapsed and this is what the hole led to. Adeline and Greg had showed me a couple of pictures before (when we were looking at some pictures from the old owner of this house) and told me that there’s an old mine or something underneath. Everything still looks normal above ground, so it’s hard for me to imagine this is really so close!

Since my computer is being exceptionally slow tonight and I need to get to bed, you will all have to wait one more day for the pictures from our journey home on Sunday. I know, I know, it’s a horrible excuse, but such is life when your computer is over 5 years old and was not very good to begin with.


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