We’re home!

So we left Verbier around 11:15 or so? Adeline got back around 10:50 from the doctor, we loaded up the stuff and headed out. We got back to Wasseiges at 8:42. One interesting thing to note; last night it was our turn to put the clocks ahead an hour. I guess it’s really not that interesting, but now you know. Because of Adeline’s earache I drove down the mountain. So much easier than driving up, but the turns are crazy! So now I have driven in 4 European countries. I ended up driving all the way to France. Adeline and I did switch at some point while still in Switzerland, but her eyes were sore and she was really tired, so we switched back.

I do have a few pictures to put up from today, but I’m exhausted so those will be for tomorrow. As well as their explanation. Also, Bastien had so much energy when we got home. It was insane! Sylvain is the most adorable thing, you just want to cuddle him all day, especially when he smiles at you (which he does almost all the time now).

I’m going to bed. Stay tuned for a Facebook album with even more Verbier pictures.

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