I’ve eaten so much bread, cheese, and all manner of carbohydrates this week that I feel like I’ve gained at least 10 pounds. Then again, maybe that was just tonight. On the other hand, all the walking up and down steep hills that I’ve done is bound to have some sort of balancing effect. And I think I’ve drank more water this week than I have in the last month! These mountains make me thirsty. I do know that I’m just dehydrated in general and don’t drink enough water, but I can’t get enough of it this week. Again, maybe it’s all that walking. Maybe there’s something addictive about Swiss mountain water….I just keep filling up a water bottle from my bathroom sink! And yet they always serve water from bottles at restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with the tap water here!!!

Let me back up a little. I feel like I have so much to say today and already I’ve forgotten half of it as I sit here typing and trying to remember. I guess the beginning of the day would be a good starting point.

5:50am: I have issues waking up and I wanted to try and get up to get some sunrise pictures. Sunrise was supposed to be at 6:30, but like I said, problems getting up. Now, last night I was in Sybille’s apartment where Adeline was usually sleeping because when she picked Greg up from the airport they got a hotel to have some time alone. Thankfully, Sylvain didn’t make a peep all night. In fact, it kind of scared me a bit and early this morning I went to check on him to make sure he was still there! Oh, I have to back up further…midnight last night; I hear a cry, I think it’s Sylvain, but no, it’s Clémence. She couldn’t find her soother. I went in there and asked them what was wrong (they told me), we looked for the soother and Clémence was quickly victorious in finding it. All was well and her and Bastien went back to sleep.

So I’m up to take early mourning pictures…the sun looked really neat just frosting the tips of the mountains, but other than that it wasn’t that special. I sort of suspected, but I wanted to see what I could get anyway. I got a couple neat pictures of the moon though, so that was cool.


This was taken at about 6am.



Lovely, wouldn't you say?

Around 6:50.

Not too bad for the location.

I don’t actually know for this one…I have written down a picture at 7:55 and I think this might be it because it’s my last ‘sunrise’ picture.

6:20/30am: I hear talking. It’s Clémence and Bastien. I ask myself why they’re awake so very early…then I realize that their blinds were left open, so it was pretty light in their room. I go in there, close the blinds and let them know I’m taking some pictures. I go out and take a few more before getting them up to go to the washroom and get dressed. Now, I tried to keep them quiet because I didn’t want them waking Sylvain or anyone else up. But, they must have been loud enough because Sybille came in to help.

When we were done with them, Sylvain woke up and I took him out. Now, I could have decided to get him dressed and then feed him, but something said just to wait until after he’d eaten. Thank goodness I did. He was just mowing down, drinking his bottle, when all of a sudden he stops and up comes pretty much everything he had just drank. Which was almost all of the bottle. Now, this may be gross or too much information, but it was a part of my day and it was crazy so it needs telling. Think projectile movie vomit…that’s what it was like, except it was just formula. On my arm, leg, the couch, Sylvain…the floor. In a way it was kind of funny just because it was so spastic. The first launch was a result of him coughing and some actually sprayed on my glasses…yum. After he was finished he just looked at me and smiled that winning smile of his. I couldn’t be mad or upset, just a little grossed out and wet. Poor couch though. Then Granny took over and got him ready while I changed; luckily I was still in my pajamas at this time and it was just my pj pants and hoodie that got dirty.

I had another first today (the first first being the baby projectile vomit); I went with Sybille and Jeff to take the kids to their day care and I got to carry Sylvain in his – baby carrier thing. Ugh, I have no idea what to call it, that’s how tired I am. I know everyone is just as tired as I am, but I just don’t handle it well. I’m also so full, I’m a little sick to my stomach. Thankfully, both will pass. Excuse me, I have to go refill my water bottle.

I can't imagine it's very comfortable in there...

Tortellini with cooked ham, and oil and white truffle sauce.

After dropping the kids off, Jeff and I went back to the chalet. Greg and Adeline were going to be back for lunch, so I took some time to straighten my hair. Which I know is a crucial fact that you all care so much about. We went to this restaurant further up the mountain (by car) called le Sonalon. Of course, we ate outside again. I’m beginning to think the weather’s never bad on this mountain! I had the Tortellini with cooked ham, and oil and white truffle sauce. Or something like that. It was very good. As you can tell just by looking at it. I also had some white wine. I had some at dinner too…..twice in one day, what is happening to me?!?!? And I’m starting to really type like I talk. Which is crazy and not very coherent. I know the great thing about writing as opposed to talking is that you can edit what you say till it’s exactly the way you want it; the thing is, by the time I’m done writing the last thing I want to do is edit! Of course, the website goes through the obvious things and I either ignore them or change them, and sometimes once I publish it I read it through and realize some mistakes and fix them, but mostly I don’t double check. I know you were all just dying to know that. We also got dessert. I had the Coupe Denmark – vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The best ice cream sundae ever. Maybe just because of where I am?

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. So awesome.

I loved how I could drizzle as much or as little chocolate as I wanted.

After lunch we went for a ‘little’ hike. I say little because it was just a loop and I’ve hiked a lot longer before. But I also say ‘little’ because although it wasn’t that long, it was hard! At least the beginning…you know, all up hill. The end was great. I’m sure it took us twice as long as it should have because we stopped to take pictures. Mostly me, but Aurore too, and Adeline a bit. Plus I just walk slow to begin with. What can I say,  I was admiring the beauty of the mountains. When you think about it, I’ve been looking at these same mountains all week. Except that everyday we go somewhere different and I get a different vantage point. I honestly can’t begin to describe with words how it feels to look at them. Especially when you’re high up and looking down on the town. Maybe it’s silly, but at times I almost teared up because of their beauty and majesty. I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. But maybe that’s because I’m tired and sometimes (ok, most times) when I’m this tired I get oddly emotional and will cry at anything. I don’t know how anyone can not believe in some sort of creator when they look at places like this.

I love the light in this one!

Just look at that view! (what you can and can't see)

I swear these are slightly different mountains....

I just...these pictures really don't do the place justice.

Freddy likes to live on the edge. It gives him a rush.

I realize that my pictures might be a little repetitive…but when you’re here, all the different angles and spots I’ve seen theses mountains from has something special about them. A little different every time. It’s hard to convey that with my pictures, it’s something you have to experience. I try to make sure there’s something of interest in all of them…mostly that ends up being Freddy ;).

Also, I’ve come to the realization that Freddy is a lover of the limelight. He’s stealing my show! Jeff made a joke about how this is Freddy’s blog. He appears in way more photos than I do. Well Freddy, who got to go to Carnaval in Binche? And who got to go to the original Waterloo? Not you. 😛 He also likes to stop and smell the flowers once in a while (which kind of makes up for all the attention hogging he does).

They smell good Freddy?

What next? Hmmm…..Ok, so we came back to the chalet. Aurore and I stayed in the apartment while the rest of the gang went for a drink. Aurore and I joined them later decked out in our snow gear because they were sledding with Bastien and Clémence. Once we were finished doing that, we went to pick up the babies and headed back to the chalet. Babies were fed, people changed, Winnie the Pooh was watched, and then we headed out for dinner.

I just love the shadows the clouds make on the mountains.

Sybille stayed back with the two youngest munch-kins while the rest of us went to this restaurant (of which I can’t actually remember the name). We went to it specifically because of the Raclette. I didn’t get a picture of the actual machine, but it’s basically this big heated stand with blocks of cheese under it. The top layer of cheese it heated and sliced off onto a plate where it’s handed out to the customer and eaten with bread, or potatoes or whatever else you want (or ordered). The plates have numbers on them and whenever you finish with one slice someone takes your plate and gets you another. When the bring it back they yell out your plate number so you know it’s yours. The raclette is right out in the middle of the restaurant. I should have got a picture, I’m no good at describing it.

Now, I didn’t get the raclette (I’ve actually had it on a smaller scale before. Greg and Adeline have one at home…but you use pre-sliced cheese in these dishes and heat them.), but Greg, Jeff, and Adeline did. Aurore and I got fondue! I’m not sure which one Aurore got, but I got cheese fondue with tomato. It was really good. But I’m SO full now! I remember when we entered the restaurant Greg made a comment about the entry being a hobbit door. I didn’t think of it like that until he said it, but I totally agree!

Front door to the restaurant. Hereby referred to as The Hobbit Door.

Am I in a barrel or what?

This is the entry way. This was taken from inside the restaurant, that is the outside door. After this mini-hallway there are curtains and then a place to hang coats and then the restaurant.

The place mat. Cool eh?

Personal fondue pots!!!

What a great idea.

This is a bucket with potatoes. Sybille told me that in Switzerland it’s common for potatoes to be put in bucket/dish of some sort wrapped in a cloth like this to keep them warm for everyone. Great idea!

Stow away. Aurore found him and took his picture. Of course he just loved that!

On the way home I was walking with Clémence (Aurore and Jeff went to go have a drink) and Adeline and Greg with Bastien. Now, you all know I walk slow. Plus we were walking uphill. Plus I was so full. Plus I’m not in shape. Plus I was walking with an almost 3 year old who will walk slow if you let her. Needless to say the others were far ahead of us most of the time. Not so far they were out of sight or hearing distance, but I would say about 4 or 5 car lengths? Maybe less, give or take. I can’t even remember whose idea it was (I think it might have been mine, boy how it backfired), but we decided to run to catch up to them. We catch them and walk again…then we’d get behind and Clémence would want to run again. This happened many times. One time I said I was tired and didn’t want to run, but she insisted, she really wanted to run with me. I’m actually surprised that we made it home!

So, after that I brought Maëline downstairs and started writing this post. This is one of those days when I’m in a writing mood. I start and I just don’t want to stop! The words just flow and it doesn’t take that long. I mean, maybe it takes a little longer than it feels like….I think I’ve been going at it for over an hour. It doesn’t seem that long. The last time I looked at the clock it was 9:18. I probably started writing about 10-15 minutes later. Now it’s almost 11. This takes a lot longer than it seems. I need more water.

I feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to say. When I’m taking pictures sometimes I’ll think of a way of phrasing something or just something I want to say, but I forget a lot because I don’t carry a notebook with me everywhere (that would be cumbersome, time consuming, and kind of annoying) and typing it into my iPod takes way too much effort. So I rely on my memory which fails me daily. Oh well.

Thanks SO much to everyone who reads this. It’s fun to recall my day and to tell you all about my shenanigans. I hope that with the help of my pictures you can all at least sort of feel like you’re here with me. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity!

Super Freddy!

He just can't get enough of that view.

And neither can I.

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  1. me

     /  March 26, 2011

    nice senery , hope your taking care of my daughter freddy, keep me informed lol


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