All I can say is wow.

There he is!

Just wow. For those of you who have never been in any mountains and who might not ever get to any, I hope my pictures do them justice and give you a little taste of just how awe-inspiring they really are. Today Adeline, Aurore and I went up higher into the mountains! We went where all the skiers and snowboarders go and where they also have walking trails. Again, today was so beautiful. Looking back at some of my pictures I’m surprised. Pretty much I never knew what I was going to get because the sun was so bright. At one point I was trying to take pictures of this person, ummm….air gliding? I’m not sure exactly what they call it, but they were floating and gliding through the sky. There was only one picture where all I got was sky, but the rest I got what I wanted! Woohoo!

We met Sybille and Jeff (who were skiing) for lunch. It was so expensive, but when you think about it, it takes a lot to get food and drinks up a mountain!! I will admit that on the cabin rides up (and down) I was a little freaked out, but I didn’t let it get to me and got some pretty good pictures out of it.

One thing I forgot to mention from yesterday; as we were riding one of the buses we met this older gentleman who said he was from Waterloo (Belgium, of course). He talked with Aurore and Adeline and made a comment that I didn’t say much. They explained that I was an Au Pair from Canada, close to Waterloo actually. We had a good laugh at that. I thought it was neat.

Also, Adeline gave me some really great photo taking tips. She has faith that I’ll be a lot better at taking really interesting pictures by the end of the year! Since I don’t really have the words at this time to describe today to you, I’m going to show you with pictures:

Yes. It looks just like every other hoodie you've ever seen.

At least is more interesting!










I know this is random, but this is the new hoodie I got! It took a lot of searching – because I’m picky – but we finally found one that had what I wanted; which was Verbier and Switzerland.

Most of these are self-explanatory….

It was actually really warm. The hood was just up because I was making a snow angel and didn’t want my hair to get all wet.

Below are pictures from the walking trail we took. We had to go down a pretty steep hill from where Adeline is standing (we had gone to look at the snow jump they had…otherwise no steep hill) and the easiest way down was to slide. So we did. I braced my self with my boots quite a bit and part of me wished I hadn’t, but if I hadn’t I might have kept going right off the trail! Adeline took a video of me going down. Who needs toboggans when the snow is that slippery!

Freddy and I enjoying the view.

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  1. Carol

     /  March 23, 2011

    Oh Holly, what an incredible view! I’m so happy you can experience the thrill of looking out at such beautiful sights. Enjoy !!!


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