Yeah, it works! Sort of. (Updated version w/ pictures)

I was worried there for, hmmmm, about an hour I guess. I tried to get to this page to write my post, but it wouldn’t work! Small systems error it said. I did what they said and refreshed, but no dice. I tried about 30 seconds ago and the same thing happened! I was about to give up when I thought I would try one more time. Thankfully I did because this time it worked. 😀





I know it seems obvious, you know, because we’re in the mountains and all, but walking around is hard work! Especially when you’re overdressed for the weather. At one point we passed a store that had a sign which read +12. It sure felt warmer than that! Adeline, Aurore, and I walked around town looking for a shop where I could buy a decently priced sweater that says ‘Verbier’ or Switzerland on it. So far, not much luck. I did find one that I kind of like, but it’s 119 Francs. Yikes.

Today for lunch we went to this little restaurant that only serves crêpes. I had one with ham, egg, and cheese, and then a sugar and cinnamon crêpe for dessert. All that walking up hill certainly helped wear off lunch! The last leg up to the chalet we took a detour…I’m not sure if it’s shorter, but it’s certainly steeper and harder, not flat like the road.

After all this I had a nap. I think I got a little too much sun. I forgot about sunscreen (I put some on at lunch) and I didn’t have my sunglasses because I didn’t put my contacts in this morning and then before I had a chance to we had to leave and I just forgot I was wearing my glasses until we got outside. I’m fine now and it really was another exceptionally beautiful day.

Mmmm...Swiss Chocolate.

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