What is with some of the people in my French class?!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again; some people in my class talk a lot. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Holly talks a lot as well’, but not in class. Especially when people are trying to read through a paragraph and they’re having difficulties with pronunciation. The teacher tries to help them, but it’s hard for others (ie. me) to hear when people are taking among themselves or reading out loud as well. I try to listen because I know that I don’t pronounce everything right and if you hear something enough hopefully when it comes to you, you can do it right! Of course, I still make mistakes, everybody does, it’s just so frustrating at times.

There’s this women in my class who (at least in my opinion) acts as if the teacher is just talking to her (when we’re asked questions). She always answers (loudly) even if the teacher asks someone else specifically and when the teacher (I can’t remember he name! >_<) is explaining something this women usually understands quickly and she’s all ‘oui, oui, oui’, as if to say ‘you can stop explaining now’. The thing is, not everyone in the class is at the same level and does not understand as fast. This behaviour really bugs me. I guess I just needed a day to rant.

Noteworthy fact: There is a guy in my class – from Mexico – who has hair longer than mine. It almost goes all the way down to his butt! He sits right in front of me, so I notice. He usually has it back in an elastic, but he only puts it around twice, so it’s not very tight and comes loose. I don’t know if this is on purpose, but I always feel like grabbing his hair and putting that elastic around 3 times so it stays in! I think this comes from the fact that during my childhood my mother always had our hair out of our eyes and it was always done neatly. Usually in braids or ponytails, it was never really just down unless we had pictures or something special. Also bangs…I’ve rebelled as I’ve grown older (gotta stick with the styles, you know) and sometimes I let my bangs get in my face :O, but that would never have been allowed as a child. Not that I’m complaining. Brushing a kid’s hair after they’ve played outside all day and have leaves and grass and things in it is not easy…especially if they won’t sit still. I always sat still :).

Greg left for Berlin this morning for work. He’ll be back some time tomorrow. So I walked Bastien to school and Adeline dropped Sylvain off at Catherine’s (his babysitter) before heading off to work.

Other than that, nothing noteworthy happened today.

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