What a big memory you have Bastien.

All the better to remember your mother’s name.

Last night while I was at Sybille’s (with the kids) we were looking at some pictures. Now, these weren’t just any pictures, these were pictures from when the DeCoster’s came to visit us the April that Jean was living with us (1997). There were even some of Lisa’s and my figure skating pictures! Everyone looked so different…and yet the same. My Mom’s hair was a different shade of blonde, but long, past her shoulders. My Dad was still skinny; no keg yet (in case you’re wondering about that…some guys have six packs, my Dad has a keg, oh yeah!), I was awkward – oh wait, I still sort of am – and Lisa was just small and cute. It did look like we all had a great time though.

So, I know that I’ve mentioned showing Bastien my family pictures and telling him people’s names. Well, I also showed him the picture of us from Niagara Falls last year and mentioned names again. When we were looking at Sybille’s pictures she was sort of ‘quizzing’ Bastien on who people were. He didn’t get everyone right away, but hey, we all looked different! When she pointed to my Mom she said ‘this is Holly’s Mom, what’s her name?’ and without missing a beat Bastien says ‘Sue’! It was incredible. I don’t mean to say that he shouldn’t have remembered that, it’s just, not having been around kids his age so much I don’t know what they should and shouldn’t be able to do. Do you see what I mean? My theory for Dad and Lisa is that ‘Sue’ is just easier for him to say than ‘Mike’ and ‘Lisa’. ‘Lisa’ he can say not bad, but he seems to have a bit of trouble with ‘Mike’. Just think guys, when you come in July he’ll already know your names!

Just to let you know, they finished with the fireplace yesterday (the guys left around 8,  Greg was cleaning till 10!). And we had our first fire in it tonight! It took a while to get going, but it  was really pretty and cosy. I know Adeline and Greg are looking forward to having it going in the  winter, sitting in the library with a nice fire and a good book.

Oh hey, I can get from Louvain-la-Neuve sans GPS now! Well, from Wasseiges anyway. Actually, the last couple times I didn’t really need it, but it was more of a comfort thing…especially since one of those time was at night. Also, the last time before yesterday I was going directly from the babysitter’s, and it’s almost completely different (unless you want to backtrack – which is what I did yesterday…). I’m starting to know my way around my immediate area, woot!

Tonight Adeline and Greg showed my some old pictures from the 20s I believe. Of Wasseiges and their house. The previous owner of the house sent them the link (which was really cool). It’s neat to see how not only the house, but the town have both changed and stayed the same. Of course the inside of the house is very different, but the outside not so much from what I can see. It was really neat.

We have some things planned for tomorrow, so I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll have a chance to post…I might do it tomorrow morning. I can give you a little heads-up! Ha ha! I’m sorry. Two exclamation marks in a row weren’t really called for…it’s just so hard to convey certain intricacies of meaning  when you’re typing. I know how I’m saying it in my head, but are you going to read it like that? I don’t know. Probably not. I’m too dramatic for my own good…I still think that t-shirt is a good idea*.



*A picture of me on the front from ‘Grand Hotel’ at Laurier and on the back; “Don’t worry, I’m just dramatic” or something like that. 

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