Super early blog post? Wassup with that?!

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter F and the word dust.

A while ago, they ordered a fireplace and today is the day it’s finally getting installed. Except that there has been problem after problem. They were very late in arriving (supposed to come around 8:30-9). I got back from my walk around 11:20 and I don’t think they had been there for more than half an hour. Greg ended up staying home from work because things were not going well. When they came to check out the house to see if what they wanted would work, they said there were 2 chimneys. Today, we found out there are 3! They haven’t been very careful with everything, and they didn’t block off the doorway to the library to stop most of the dust from going into the rest of the house. They should have, there’s dust EVERYWHERE! In the library….the floor is covered. The doorway is blocked now, but in the main hall (the doors to the play room, tv room, and kitchen are all closed, but the upstairs isn’t blocked) the air looks dusty and you can feel it when you walk out there.

Long story short, Adeline and Greg don’t want the boys sleeping here tonight because of the dust (I don’t blame them!), so I think we’re all going to stay at Sybille’s tonight. Which is why I’m posting now, it’s just easier that way. I have to get my bag ready and then we’re going to get bags ready for the boys before we have to pick them up at the babysitter’s. Greg’s not sure if the guys will be finished today or not. It will be very nice once they’re finished, it’s just the process isn’t going exactly the way Greg thought it would.

Soon the countdown can begin in earnest; just over a week ’till Switzerland!

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