What sound does a … make?

Tonight Adeline, Bastien, Sylvain, and I went to Sybille’s for supper. Jean-Go and Valerie were there as well. We had salmon and leeks in pasta. Very tasty. I even helped cut up the leeks. Go me. 😛 When we were finished eating (all except Bastien who didn’t eat much) Jean-Go was making a bird with his hand and asking Bastien what it was. This started a round of what sound does a bird make? An owl?  A duck? A rooster? A little bird? A chicken? Bastien didn’t have a sound for a chicken. He said he doesn’t know what sound they make. So Jean made a sound…the sound of chicken being cooked in a pan! I got it right away and we all had a good laugh over it. It was nice to see Jean and Valerie again.

Saturday Adeline bought sunglasses for Bastien for when we go to Switzerland. I might get another pair as well, because I don’t think the one’s I have are going to protect me enough from the strong sun on the mountains!

There’s a couple of things I’ve been meaning to post about that I keep forgetting. First, Bastien apparently is either often confused or indecisive. What I mean by this is he usually changes his mind to ‘oui’ half way through saying ‘no’. So it comes out ‘n-oui’. He does this a lot. It can be quite amusing. The other night he also had a ‘kids say the darndest things’ moment; Adeline and Greg have one of those things that helps you do sit-ups and/or crunches and they brought it out (I can’t remember why), Greg laid down on it and Bastien said ‘oh, it’s a relax!’ (a ‘relax’ is a baby car seat/carrier). We laughed very hard. Adeline than took one of the toys that wraps around the handle on Sylvain’s baby carrier and put it on the sit-up machine. I still chuckle thinking about it now. I guess it was sort of a ‘you had to be there’ kind of thing, but I still wanted to share it with all of you.

I know people want to know some differences between Canada and Belgium so I have one here. This is totally random and not the kind of difference you all care about, but it’s a difference so I’m going to post about it! Dishwashers. They’re basically the same except for one thing; the cutlery rack. Instead of being a basket that goes on the bottom drawer of the machine, it is its own level! It’s at the very top and it has little dividers for the cutlery, and for big spoons and knives and things. They lie flat instead of standing up like at home. Maybe I’ll take a picture so I remember :P. Just thought you all should know. I think a picture would be good because I’m not very good at word-painting!!

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