Coming up with a title is my least favourite part of blogging.

And sometimes it takes longer to think of a title than it does to write the blog itself!

Well. Today was an important day for many reasons. Well, at least two! In two weeks today, Adeline, Aurore, Sybille, Bastien, Clémence, Sylvain, Maëline, and I will be going to Switzerland for a week! Yeah for countdowns. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about blogging there, but I will for sure at least write things down and post them when I get back. That still counts as posting everyday – for me at least.

Also, today a couple of Greg and Adeline’s friends came for supper. Since I know a little more French than I did at the birthday bash in January, I was able to understand a bit more of the conversations (when I concentrated). Of course, near the end of the night it was hard to concentrate. I had a beer and a glass of wine. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a wine lover. I can tolerate it and will drink it very occasionally, but I don’t think I will ever want to drink it daily. I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough :P.

Sylvain had a present for me when I went to change him this evening; a nice poo explosion (I’m sure you’re all loving that I’m telling this). In comparison to some other times, there wasn’t as much, it was just all up his back. Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway) his pj’s needed to be changed. And he needed to be cleaned off. I used this time to wash his face also and put on his medicated cream. Poor guy. At least he didn’t scream, so I guess I wasn’t hurting him while I was scrubbing his face. I had to put some cream on his head as well. Of course, it always seems that more ends up in his hair than on his scalp, and by the time I was done he looked like Tintin. Cute as ever.

This afternoon I spent some time in letter writing mode – which means handwriting! Despite that during the latter part of my schooling, almost everything we handed in had to be typed up and if it wasn’t we printed, no cursive. I have this journal that I started in, oh, 2007 I think. I still haven’t filled it all (once I went a whole year without writing in it), but I made a point to always write in cursive. Part of it this is because of the cover of the journal itself; it’s very old-looking. I think it’s important to keep in practice and when done well it looks very pretty. So, all the letters I write are on this special paper I bought, with matching envelopes using this very nice, thin tip black pen and writing in cursive. Most of the time it’s pretty messy (not doctor messy, you can still read it), at least to my standards. But there are moments when a word will look really nice and I like that. Maybe it’s silly, but a part of me longs to be able to do calligraphy….of course, if I was right-handed it would be a lot easier to try to learn! As long as the ink dries super fast I’d be ok, if not…it would be all smudges on the paper and ink all over my hand. That’s why everyone used to be right-handed! Speaking of letter writing, I need to buy more stamps. I only have 2 left. This post turned into something longer than I planned….I also overuse the ‘,’ I think. Now that just looks like a face or something. Drat you emoticons!

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