What the heck happened to my arms?

So today was just the usual, nothing crazy. Picked Bastien up from school. He was very tired (remember, Thursdays he has gym in the afternoon, so NO nap). He napped for about an hour, but then we had to go pick up Sylvain. When we got home I gave them both a bath, fed Sylvain, then started supper. Of course, it was mostly made already (the stuffed eggplant we made yesterday), I just heated it up and made some rice. Greg got home just as I was finishing up, good timing. Sylvain fell asleep while I was in the kitchen and he woke up exactly 3 hours after he had eaten last. Crazy timing on his part. While he was eating Adeline got home. We discussed Thursdays and how we might change some things up, and I said goodnight to come in here and write this.

While my computer was starting up I looked at my arms and noticed all these light scratches. I was really confused for a minute (because I don’t have any nails…I bite them….nasty habit….anyone got any tips on how to stop?), but then I remembered that Sylvain was scratching me while I was washing his face. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not (he doesn’t know the sharpness of his own nails!), but if it was, I don’t blame him. He’s having some skin issues (allergies), and when he has his bath we have to wash off the crusty bits. I’m sure it doesn’t feel nice. I always feel so bad, but most of the time he doesn’t cry too much during the process.

Things are going really well between Bastien and me now. He often asks to play with me and he gives great hugs. He’s not always in the mood for a hug, but you can guarantee one (and un petit bisou [kiss]) when he leaves for school, and sometimes when he goes to bed; it depends on what I’m doing when he goes up. Sometimes I’m in the kitchen so I miss out. The other night he didn’t want to go upstairs, but before he did he said goodnight to Adeline and as he was walking away she asked if he was going to give me a goodnight kiss; he didn’t want to and started climbing the stairs. Or did she ask him as he was climbing? I can’t remember. All I know is that he started climbing and giving me a bisou came up and he was about to, but Greg (or Adeline? Why didn’t I write about this that night!?) said to just go upstairs (which was fine because he needed to get to bed!). It was cute because you knew that he was going to do it just so he could prolong his time before bed. Then he called out and said something like ‘Holly, I can’t kiss you’. It was funny. Tonight though I was upstairs putting away his bath toys and brushing my teeth. Greg was starting to read Bastien his nightly bedtime story and I said bonne nuit. Greg asked Bastien if he was going to give me a bisou, and Bastien put out his arms and said ‘oui!’ and gave me a great hug as well. Again, totally adorable. He has his moments. 😉

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