Ok. So lately we’ve had eggplant in a few dishes, but I didn’t know that’s what it was. In French it’s aubergine and I knew what it looked like, but could not think of the English word! I think it’s because Mom doesn’t cook with it often. Well, today I helped Adeline make stuffed eggplant. We put ground beef with onions, (eggplant), and seasoning and put it in carved out eggplant halves. Pretty cool huh?

This next bit I’ve been wanting to mention for a while. I can’t remember if I’ve already told you about the lack of government in Belgium right now, but even if I have, I have more news now. Not much, but more non the less. A couple of weeks ago Belgium became the nation to go the longest time without an official government. It’s been about 280 days, give or take. There have been multiple people charged with the job of creating a solution, but so far, nothing has worked. Yesterday on the news a man was revealing his plan, I’m just not sure what it was! Of course, I’m not a big politics nut, so everything Jean told me the day I got here has flown from my brain (that and I had jet lag….please forgive me).  So that’s the local news update for today. Not very specific, but I don’t remember everything and I don’t want to misinform you!

Also, tonight Adeline and Greg are at a play that Greg won tickets to. Pretty cool, eh? Yes, I used eh. It was on purpose. After picking Sylvain up, I went to the pharmacy with the boys to pick something up for Sylvain. The ladies there were very nice. Bastien is in bed, and Sylvain is sleeping. He was crying and crying and I was in the process of making him a bottle (after making supper for Bastien and I) when he fell asleep. I feel like I should wake him…so he can eat. I need to put something in his last bottle before he goes to bed for the night, but I don’t want him to go to bed too early because he’s been getting up a lot in the middle of the night. I know that’s what babies do, but he was sleeping better through the night before. I’ll wait a little bit and see.

ps. Sylvain woke up and is now fed and will hopefully go back to sleep. It looked promising as he ate (he could hardly keep his eyes open), but now he seems wide awake.

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