I hope you’re not expecting much tonight…

Ok. So tonight’s post will be super short. I am über tired and sick to boot. This nasty cough just keeps getting worse. You know how it goes. And of course since I was at a concert I had to cough more. I still upheld concert etiquette, only coughing between songs. It nearly killed me, but I managed. I even made it through an entire set – at the beginning – without exploding. I have made a list of point-form notes that will be expanded in tomorrow’s blog. I also have pictures. At the risk of my next post sounding more like one of my university concert reports, I have tried to jot down as much background info about the choir as I can remember from before, during, and after the concert. At the start of the second half the director gave a big explanation of some things and I was able to understand a bit. One thing being that the group is very passionate. And it showed. More on that tomorrow, for now, good night!

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