Carnival celebrations with Bastien’s school.

There’s a time in Belgium called Carnival. Kids get a week off school, there are all kinds of celebrations, and everybody dresses up in costumes. This year the school holiday is March 7-11 (which also means I don’t have class on the Monday). So it’s kind of like March Break, but they also get two weeks off in April! Tonight we went to a place in Wasseiges (like a community center) and had a Carnival celebration hosted by Bastien’s school. It was very, very hot and very, very loud in there. There was a DJ and a lot of screaming kids. As well as silly string EVERYWHERE! Speaking of silly string, Adeline got a can out and was spraying it at Bastien (who did not like that at all) and then I took a turn at Greg…I wasn’t aiming for his face I swear! I got him right in the left eye. Thankfully he was wearing glasses which protected him somewhat from the danger that is silly string.

For supper we had Liège meatballs and fries.These meatballs were better than the one’s we bought from the store (last week maybe?). They’re very filling. You get two with your fries, but I couldn’t even finish all of mine! Almost, but not quite. Adeline had this Cherry beer (which was very interesting…in a good way) and then later we all had a Leffe blonde (see meatballs).

For the first years’ at school they made lady bug costumes. Red t-shirts with big, black dots painted on, antennae, and these little shakers that were red with black spots. The second years’ were Egyptian Pharaohs, and the third years’ were wolfs (they had masks). Bastien was going to be Buzz Lightyear tonight (and he looked adorable in the costume), but he was so tired from school that we put him to bed for a nap and he changed his mind and wanted to be the ladybug from school. Adeline was a gypsy, Greg, a jedi (with blue light-saber!), and I was a pirate…I guess. That’s what I was going for anyway. I’m not very original, and it’s what I came up with based on what I have in my closet.  Oh, and Sylvain was Tigger. He has these little tiger-striped pants and a zip-up hoodie with Tigger on it and the hood has little ears.

It actually wasn’t until recently that Halloween became a big costume thing here. It used to just be at Carnival (if I remember from what Adeline told me) that people would dress up. And dress up they do. Not just the kids either! It was neat, but loud, and hot. I’m not even big on loud events when they’re for my age group! It’s a good chance for parents to see each other and talk while the kids play (or in this case run around or dance). It will be great for them when the boys are older, because Bastien didn’t want to go play, so we had both kids with us the whole time. When the boys are older, Greg and Adeline will have a chance to visit with the other parents more.

They also had these masks on the tables.  –> 

**For everyone who is finishing up Reading week, I hope it was great! Restful (unless you’re part of Opera Laurier, no rest for them) and productive. For those of you looking forward to March Break, I hope it goes well. And for those of you who don’t get a break around this time of the year…I’m sorry. But I still hope you’re having a great time right now!

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  1. Adeline

     /  February 26, 2011

    What you call Carnival is “une foire” in french… but now ti will be “Carnaval”.
    On the “fat tuesday” wittch is the 8 march this year, we’ll go to Binche’s carnaval. Witch is a famous carnaval, part of the “imaterial humanity heritage” From UNESCO:
    For the cherry bear, it’s called “Kriek”. They are a few blend of beer hoe are doing it.

    • Awesome, thanks! Sometimes I’m afraid to post certain things because I forget little details and I don’t want to have my readers misinformed! I appreciated the corrections and tidbits.


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