Well, it sure warmed up quick.

So yesterday it was cold enough for snow. Today, not only was it rain, but it was quite mild. Crazy I tell you, crazy.

So nothing much happened today until later this afternoon. I picked Bastien up from school and he went down for a nap as soon as he got home. Thursdays they have gym in the afternoon’s so no nap, and he gets really tired without one. I had to wake him up just under an hour later to go get Sylvain. I felt bad, he looked so peaceful. Then I brought them home and he played for a bit. Greg got home when I was giving them their baths. Adeline is in Louvain-la-Neuve until tonight so I also made supper. Tonight it was chicken stir fry. It could have been great, but the chicken was a little dry and the veggies were a little over cooked. Not quite at the mushy stage, but not as crispy as desired. It just takes practice.

So yeah, that was my day. I have a bit of a foggy head….a slight sore throat and cough and a stuffy nose. Not as bad as Greg, but just a little. Enough to make it slightly uncomfortable and for me to drink 4 (!) cups of tea today. You can really get a lot of tea out of one tea bag. Especially since I don’t like my tea too strong.

Tonight I was up brushing my teeth as Greg was finishing putting Bastien to bed. Before I went down I listened at his door. He was making all kinds of machine noises and crashing noises and singing a little. It was very funny.

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