Ok, ok, so there isn’t any snow still on the ground (that I can see), but it snowed today. Not much and not for very long, but it was really pretty all the same. I know they told me that they usually get snow in February, but seeing as how the month is almost over and we hadn’t had any snow yet, I thought we were in the clear for spring.

Let’s see…this morning I went to the Commune to pay for my Identity Card. I thought it was 17 euros, but it ended up being 12! It’s always great when that happens. Also, Adeline had bought a dress (or a very long shirt) that she thought was really nice, but it’s too big for her so she gave it to me. It’s purple, and I like it. I might wear it Saturday night, so I’ll try to get a picture of me in it.

We went and did some grocery shopping today. I’m making chicken stir fry tomorrow so we picked up some fresh veggies (among other things). Also, I have to come up with a costume for Friday night at Bastien’s school.

One thing to note about Wednesday’s (I’m not sure if this has been previously mentioned or not) is that all schools (except University level) are done at noon. When Adeline first told me, I thought it was just the little kids, but no, it’s everyone. Just thought that was an interesting tidbit to throw out there for you.

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